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Author Topic: Grant Avery  (Read 36 times)

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Grant Avery
« on: January 21, 2018, 10:18:56 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name Grant S. Avery
Age 26
Gender Male
Species Human
Ethnicity Connlaothian
Height 6'1"
Occupation Adventurer for hire
Residence Connlaoth

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description

Grant looks about as rough-around-the-edges as one might expect of a traveler. His typical garb almost always consists of tattered rags to serve as a weather cloak, beaten-up leather jerkin, and an archer's hat he's had since he was a teenager. His eyes are coal-black and rather steely, as if he's always focusing on some target ahead of him. His just-as-dark hair is kept short, but amusingly even at neck length it's still an unkempt mess of frizzy tangles. His dark skin gleams in the sunlight-- mainly his somewhat youthful, boyish face as the better part of him is usually covered in clothing or cape. He bears a scar on the bridge of his nose, which, cool as it looks, actually came from his accidentally dropping a glass on his head. Long story.

His outfit can vary slightly by the day, but a staple of Grant's appearance is his studded leather gloves and boots, built tough and designed to keep him dry and save from the hazards of rough landings. He keeps his longbow, a beautifully crafted elven-motif weapon given to him as a gift from a friend, strapped securely to his back; His arrow quiver, in turn, is located on his belt holster. A hunting knife, just long enough to serve as a weapon, sits holstered on his opposing side. Various other nick-knacks from past adventures are likewise somewhere on his person, though they change from time to time as he takes on new quests and adventures.


Despite the cloak and hardened gaze, Grant's actually a very pleasant person to get to know. A lifetime of more or less doing whatever he wants has mellowed him out and given him an open-minded perspective on the world. He'll crack the occasional distasteful joke here and there, and even lose his temper (albeit rarely), but for the most part Grant comes off to the better portion of people who meet him as a positive and kindhearted guy who loves to explore and learn new things.


Grant is an exceptional archer and combat tactician, having practiced with the bow for almost as long as he could stand. As an explorer, he's become extremely adept at using the environment around him to control an encounter, be it by finding cover to take more accurate shots, or by taking out environmental elements to cause distractions among his opponents. The elven longbow he proudly wields is extremely fine-tuned, and capable of firing arrows as far as the eye can see; Combined with Grant's veteran aim and understanding of archery, it can hit as far as the eye can see, too.



Born to a family on the brink of poverty, Grant Avery always dreamed of exploring the world. From the young age of 5, he began to embrace this dream-- to the disdain of his parents-- by wandering off around the small city they lived in, seeking to see more of the world. One day, on one such diversion, Grant decided to take a trip outside the city, just to see what it was like. It was on that day that he met Sethevanian (he'd call him Seth for short), a slightly older elven boy who'd strayed a bit too far from his own traveling group and had gotten lost. With Grant's outgoing personality, the two became quick friends, and without thinking, Grant decided to help him try to find his family. The boys thereafter went and got themselves well and truly lost among the crossroads of Matron's March, but eventually Seth's elven companions came across them, preventing an unfortunate end for them both. Grant learned much during those two days; Seth had traveled much more of the world than he had, and told him amazing stories that only stoked his wanderlust further. It was also Sethevanian who encouraged Grant, after watching him throw a rock into a log hole some 10 or 12 feet away, to consider archery as an outlet, and home those eyes of his. Eventually, Grant thanked the elven band for coming to rescue them and, after being escorted home, promised to meet with Sethevanian once again in the future, after having traveled the world and having stories to share with him in kind.

Fast forward 20 years. Grant took Seth's advice, and trained to become a great archer. He won a Matron's March Archery Tournament in his family's name, and the rewards thereof served to help them stabilize their lives for some years to come. Grant, not satisfied with just this, began to travel all of Connlaoth in search of new challenges to conquer-- New adventures to add to his little journal. His parents didn't mind, as he always stopped back at home after a long journey, sharing his stories and spending a little time with them before leaving again. On one such journey, Grant was approached for help by a young elven woman who told him of bandits that had attacked her caravan. Naturally he heeded her pleas for help and helped to drive off the bandits, but fate would have it that said caravan was none other than the self-same one that had helped him many a year past, along with Seth, who'd settled down and become a great woodworker among his people. The two friends caught up, Grant finally able to fulfill his promise of telling Seth all about his journeys. Seth, in kind, had a gift for Grant-- a beautifully crafted elven longbow, which Grant would go on to keep and cherish for many a year forward. Eventually they parted ways again, but Grant made a promise to return again some day after having traveled more of the world, to share more stories with his good friend.

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