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Author Topic: Uttara Vaishnavi, Colonized Human  (Read 38 times)

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Offline Eckhart_Von_Musel

Uttara Vaishnavi, Colonized Human
« on: January 30, 2018, 08:51:44 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name: Uttara Vaishnavi
Age: Human body was 24 at time of death
Gender: Human is female
Species: Human/Parasitic Ant Colony
Ethnicity: Thanati
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Occupation: None
Residence: Kunata
Favorite Food: Ants will eat just about anything
Alignment: True Nuetral

Art courtesy of Pheberoni, edited by me
Character Theme
Wherever You Go

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description:
Uttara Vaishnavi might be considered pretty were she not obviously dead. Her caramel skin is cold to the touch, and her grey hair is an unkempt mess. Her full lips are always held slightly ajar, and her eyelids droop over her yellow eyes. Uttara'a most noticeable feature is the scar running around her neck- she appears to have hung herself.

Uttara's lifeless body is no longer her own to control- it is now the host to a colony of parasitic insects. Her movements are jerky and robotic, and she walks with a slow, lurching gait. Ants can often be seen crawling out of her mouth, nose and ears, and there are always a few that get lost in her bushy hair.

The colony hasn't quite figured out vocal cords yet. When they do speak through Uttara's body, they often have trouble with volume and tone of voice. Facial expressions are tricky too- they don't quite understand the purpose of them, so any that they make are usually exaggerated to the point where it becomes creepy.

Uttara is long dead. Whoever she was when she was alive isn't there anymore.

The colony, on the other hand, is brimming with personality! A whole bunch of personalities, actually- they tend to mimic how they see humans act. They've collected the different personalities they've encountered and mashed them into a single, super-personality! Long story short, they're kinda clueless and really obnoxious.

None. Even the untouchables stay away from Uttara.

Uttara is no stronger than an average person her size is, and has no magic to speak of.

The colony has a weak psychic link to Uttara's body, but apart from that and their parasitic abilities they're basically just normal ants.

There are many animals still undiscovered by humans. Some live in locations too remote for us to ever find. Some are extremophiles that live in places we can't. And some have... other means of staying hidden.

Living deep in the dense jungles of Thanatos, the parasitic ant makes it's colonies inside the corpses of other animals. Once firmly rooted in what's left of the nervous system, the colony is able to control the body like it were a puppet. The ant queens have minor psychic abilities- just enough to tap into the physical memories of the host, allowing for easier coordination. The drones produce an odd waxy substance on their antennae that act as an embalming fluid, preventing the host body from decaying too quickly. The main evolutionary purpose for this is surprisingly mundane- an ant's natural predators have a harder time catching a moving animal then they do a stationary ant hill.

Uttara is what happens when a colony of these ants finds a dead human. Everything was going smoothly- the nerves were under control, the body had been cleared of all other intruding insects (maggots are the parasite ant's mortal enemy), all that was left was for the queen to make the psychic connection...

And with a sudden snap, the hivemind of insects got more than they bargained for. Absorbing flashes of memories and an intelligence not their own, the colony was left with many questions. What was this hairless animal? They'd never taken one over before, this was all so new! The things they could do with this body, this strength, this intellect! They had to find more, find out what they could do. A single word had been repeated throughout this host's memories- Uttara. An individual getting a unique name seemed alien, but they supposed it wouldn't hurt to camouflage themselves with one. Freeing Uttara from the tree branch she was hanging off of, the colony felt something no member of it's species had felt before- ambition.

Now, if only the other humans would stop avoiding Uttara, then maybe they could get the answers they sought.

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