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Author Topic: An Interrupted Hunt  (Read 29 times)

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Offline Blackbird

An Interrupted Hunt
« on: February 17, 2018, 09:17:50 PM »
Malphas was so bored.

There were no offered contracts. Nobody had someone they wanted him to kill, nor were there any bounties to be found. He could practically feel his blood thickening, his muscles growing weaker. He needed to get moving!

He'd flown around for a while, with next to nothing drawing his attention. At least, until a large, lush forest came into sight. And he got an idea.

The Demon landed, stripping off his clothes and hiding them in the boughs of a tree. His weapons, as well, were removed, until he stood stark-naked in the middle of a clearing. He looked around, to make sure no one was nearby, before closing his eyes, and focusing.

Shaggy black hair lengthened, and slid down to cover his entire body. Limbs bent and shifted as bones broke and healed, and his face jutted out. Soon, a black lion with no mane stood where a Demon had only moments before.

He opened vivid red eyes, putting his nose to the sky. Malphas inhaled deeply, picking up on the scent of deer. Yes, that would do. Flexing his claws into the dirt, he began to walk, with the confidance of a true king of the forest.

The Demon-turned-lion followed the scent, until the deer was in sight. He crouched down, and began to stalk forward, preparing to launch himself at the ungulate.

Offline multiplesnakes

Re: An Interrupted Hunt
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2018, 04:58:14 PM »
Bee sat crouched in the branches of a tree, high up enough to be out of sight from anything on the ground, but low enough that her visibility wasn't compromised. She'd been there an hour already, waiting, joints protesting each passing minute.

When the company camped, she was the first one out into the wilderness, only to return when she had something worth bringing back. She'd gotten her arrows from an unkindly smith with wary eyes. It was good work, and he didn't trust her with it. I'll bring him a rabbit, she thought as she watched the underbrush for any movement. A river gurgled close by.

She was almost tempted into a nap, but then heard a branch snap. She froze. The deer froze. Maybe the birds froze, too.

As soon as she lined up her shot, Bee took it. The arrow went clean through the doe's eye and she winced. She still winced, after all this time.

She was about to jump down from her perch when she spotted a black lion and stifled a gasp. She hadn't even heard the thing. Hadn't even seen it.

But it most certainly saw her arrow.

She felt a prickle of unease at the back of her neck. A black lion? Something about the animal

She pressed herself against the trunk of her tree. With any luck, it'll take its quarry and go.

Offline Blackbird

Re: An Interrupted Hunt
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2018, 09:33:29 PM »
Malphas flexed his claws, feeling the dirt beneath his paws. He needed to be quiet, or this doe would run. And, as much as his legs were aching from a run, he wanted to get this done easily. He was hungry, and he could only hope his grumbling stomach wouldn't alert the doe.

However, right before he could charge, his ear picked up the whistling of an arrow. He jumped back, in case the arrow was aimed at him, only to watch as the doe went down, the arrow sticking from its eye. A perfect shot, amazing. He looked up, trying to find the source of the arrow. Bright red eyes scanned the trees, before landing on the girl.

Damn, so this quarry was hers. He may be a Demon, but he had a sense of honor. Kind of. However, he was rather upset that she'd taken his kill, so the maneless lion dropped his jaw and roared, red eyes never leaving the girl.

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