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Author Topic: Selivas, the Plague Doctor  (Read 37 times)

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Selivas, the Plague Doctor
« on: February 20, 2018, 08:27:58 PM »
[General Information]

Name (First/Mid/Sur): Selivas Ricard Aerospuecci
Age: 31 Years Old
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127 lbs
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Alignment: True Neutral
Occupation: Plague Doctor

Credit goes to the Plague Doctor hero used in Darkest Dungeon, a game developed by the amazing Red Hook Studios. ^1

Backstory: An only child born to a middle class family in the nation of Connlaoth, Selivas and her parents never had to deal with any major hardships other than some minor financial issues. Upon reaching the age of eighteen, Selivas decided that her ideal occupation was to become a plague doctor in order to provide non-magical assistance in times of disease and/or war, however after 7 years of studying and applying what she had learned time and time again, the anti-magic laws  in Connlaoth made her restless, realizing that her concoctions and various chemicals could become much more potent with the use of magical properties, and so Selivas traveled to Serendipity in an attempt to acquire citizenship and thus freely dabble in magical arts to an extent, and after 2 years of signing papers and abiding to the laws of the land, she finally became a citizen of Serendipity. After months of decision making and holding a part time job as a farmer, Selivas decided upon the use of eldritch arts as a catalyst to improve her applications in the economic world of medicine and poison. After fulfilling her goal for life, the felling of restlessness faded, and Selivas' mood became a lot more positive, causing her to become extroverted and outgoing. Now, Selivas lives in a decently sized shack in the province of Kia's Court, the aforementioned shack also has a particularly small shop attached to it for convenience purposes, which sells many useful concoctions at a affordable cost, for whatever situation there is, and for festivals and the like, the doctor attends for two reasons; to meet new people, and to teach the youths and adults alike about the arts of medicine via practical lessons.

Equipment: While Selivas may not have powerful swords, magic, or armor she is certainly not under-prepared or under-equipped, she has multiple pieces of practical, yet slightly situational equipment, these pieces of equipment include; a small and basic dagger coated with specially made and highly lethal poison (this is only used if Selivas is in a life threatening situation), a blow gun/wooden mace hybrid that is disguised as an ornate walking cane, and multiple bottles of painful, but minimally corrosive acid. Selivas also wears a cloak along with a plague doctor mask, all the while having a thick leather shoulder pad. Though fortunately/unfortunately (depending on how you want to look at at) Selivas' abilities concerning eldritch arts cannot be used for direct combat, they can only be used to enhance the potency of the concoctions and poisons.

Other Notes:

1) Selivas rarely ever takes off her "uniform" unless there is the need to clean it, replace the herbs and anti-bacterium materials stored within the beak of the mask, or sleep, as such, Selivas would normally sweat for nearly every waking hour, to counteract this self inflicted consequence, she drinks a home made potion that is designed to keep the user at a cool temperature for the entire day despite their clothing/armor and other variables.

2) Despite the rather unnerving appearance that Selivas emanates while she is out in public, she is surprisingly kind, and is willing to help out other citizens with their tasks providing what they're doing is legal.

Fun Facts:

1) Over the course of Selivas' 13 years of studies in the art of medicine, she has concocted and consumed approximately 17500 fluid ounces of her potions, and she has also used 700 fluid ounces of home made poison when testing the poison's effects on smaller creatures and eventually imprisoned war criminals (under the approval and the supervision of the law enforcement).

Footnote 1: This character is in no way, shape, or form, affiliated with the universe of Darkest Dungeon, save for the design.


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