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Author Topic: Sbcat15's Wants and Limits  (Read 26 times)

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Offline Sbcat15

Sbcat15's Wants and Limits
« on: February 21, 2018, 08:37:59 AM »

What are your favorite kinds of plots and relationships to play?
I'm honestly up for anything as long as the relationship doesn't become the key plot point of a roleplay, it may be an important point, but nine times out of ten it doesn't affect the story greatly.
What are your least favorite kinds of plots and relationships to play?
Like I described in the previous statement, I prefer a balance between relationship and the greater picture when it comes to a roleplay.
What are your favorite character types to play?
My favorite types of characters to play as are those who follow uncommon occupations such as doctors, farmers, barkeeps/barmaids, and etc.
Are you a planner or a pantser? Do you prefer to pre-plan and stick to a script when posting, or do you prefer to surprise and be surprised?
A bit of both, in my opinion.
How do you feel about group threads?
Group threads tend to become disastrous in my experiences after five people have joined.
How often can you reply to any given thread? How long should a partner wait before nudging you for a post?
I'll try to reply as soon as possible, however, if i do not respond in at minimum 12 hours, feel free to PM me on here.
What is the longest you're willing to wait for a reply to a thread?
Basically whenever if the RP is good.
How do you feel about instant messenger RP?
I'm honestly iffy about it, I only use the IM to contact others.
Ho do you feel about post volleying/rapidfire RP?
I honestly prefer slower RPs where I'm not immediately expected to reply within the next 5 minutes.
What's your preferred posting style? Long posts? Short posts? Anything and everything?
Basically anything depending one previous events in the roleplay.
Any RP styles/habits that you love?
Not that I know of.
Any RP styles/habits that you avoid?
Not that I know of.


What are you limits regarding powerplay/godmoding?
Most of the time, I have an extreme distaste for godmodding/powerplaying unless there is a logical and high quality reason behind it, actions that are basically "*cuts you in half no dodge or miss*" are the things that would cause me to leave the roleplay, damage taken and dodging also need to be accounted for as combat situations aren't always like Pokemon where taking damage is practically guaranteed.
What are your limits in regards to romantic situations?
I'm okay with most romantic situations as long as it doesn't devolve to some BDSM/Pedophilia tier of degeneracy.

What are your limits with regards to graphic content such as sex, violence, drug use, sexual assault, etc? What is your comfort level?
I'm fine with practically anything as long as it expands the plot and has a legitimate reason for being there, but when it comes to sexual stuff, if it devolves to some BDSM/DDLG/Pedophilia tier degeneracy, I'm going to leave the RP.
What are your limits in regards to pregnancy within plots?
I'm okay with it as long as it isn't forced or some degenerate tier stuff like a 52 year old man getting a child pregnant.
What about healing?
Depends to be honest, if it's some magical and permanent cure to blindness or even things like the Black Death, I'm not okay with it if the cure comes from someone who isn't a being of a higher power, however I would consider it to be okay if it was a temporary cure/vaccine in the form of a potion/magic if said cure came from beings that weren't of a higher power.

What about characters being transformed against their will? I'm okay with it as long as there is a cure for it, I don't want my plans for the story to be wasted due to a mage turning me into a slug.

Anything else?
(Anything else you want to add that other players should know!)

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