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Author Topic: Aleksander Saroian, Vampire Lord  (Read 20 times)

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Aleksander Saroian, Vampire Lord
« on: February 27, 2018, 08:42:41 AM »
credit: here

__________________QUICK STATS
Name Aleksander "Zander" Saroian
Age About a thousand, physically 34
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Height 5'10"
Orientation Pansexual
Occupation Leading the Vampire Council
Residence A hidden mountain estate

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Tall and elegant, Zander strikes an imposing figure with very little effort. He is almost always dressed impeccably, the only aspect of his appearance that's never in absolutely perfect order being his long black hair, which is often just left loose.

Like many of his kind his skin is deathly pale, contrasting sharply with his black eyes. His features are sharp and severe, echoing the ideal of nobility he was born into.

His bark is worse than his bite.

Luckily that's literal.

Zander has a cool, commanding presence when it is required of him, which is typically when he's leading the Council or entertaining important guests. However, his brusque speech and sharp glares can be easily replaced with soft smiles and a soft, kind voice if one works past the professional facade.

In his mortal life Zander had a beastspeaking ability that was amplified with his vampiric transformation. He is now comfortable seeing through the eyes of the many animals kept around his estate and using them as scouts and spies if needed.

He has also gained the ability to hypnotize all but the strongest of willed, and he can literally melt into and warp through shadows should the need arise. And of course he has all the "normal" perks of vampirism: increased strength and speed, heightened senses, etc.

Lorian Croft, an old nemesis.

Despite his vampiric nature, Zander has worked for nearly a millennium to protect the world from those of his kind that would wreak true destruction. Vampires need to feed, it's just what they are, but Zander believes they can abide by laws that work to the benefit of vampire kind and the rest of La'ranna.

Nearly a thousand years ago, Aleksander Saroian was the leader of a noble house in Connlaoth. Magic was not reviled to the same degree that it is today, so his beastspeaking abilities were not quite as stigmatized. He ruled his house with a firm but fair hand, and though they were never a massive political power they got by just fine.

Unfortunately, in his early thirties, Zander had a run-in with a strange sorcerer traveling through Connlaoth. Lorian claimed to be searching for resources among the nobility, and proposed some sort of alliance with Zander's house. At first it seemed like a standard trade contract, albeit with some odd caveats- but then Zander realized the sorcerer was planning to use his house as the center of an illegal slave smuggling operation, and he put a stop to it.

Lorian was surprisingly gentile about the whole thing, taking the news that Zander new of his plot with a smile over drinks. He even apologized for being underhanded in his dealings, and promised Zander he would stop the slave marketing to ensure their continued "business relationship".

Zander didn't realize his wine was drugged until he was half a glass in, and by then it was too late. The next several months are a hazy blur in Zander's memory, but when his mind was his own again he'd already been turned, and living under Lorian's rule.

But Lorian was not as powerful then as he is today, and Zander managed to escape. He spent the next two centuries honing his newfound curse to his advantage- and he formed the Vampire High Council.

The Council was originally intended to simply combat Lorian's plans at every turn, but as time passed and influence grew, it became a rather loose form of ruling body for the vampiric community.

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