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Author Topic: Saoleadh, Newly Awakened  (Read 50 times)

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Saoleadh, Newly Awakened
« on: March 05, 2018, 12:21:12 PM »

Age: Appears 20

Race: Sylva; A Fae race of plant peoples that awaken from pods beneath a great tree. 

Height: 5’2”

Orientation: Lesbian

Gender: She/Her, They/them, and Fae/Faer are all appropriate pronouns for Saoleadh.

Occupation:  Nature Journalist, Explorer, Wanderer, any number of things.

Residence:  Constantly changing!

Her skin is a warm sage-green; icy green leaves frame her face and grow backwards along her head in a pixie-cut like fashion. Her ears are long and pointed.  Bark grows along her forearms and shins, creating the appearance of a jagged frame – but she is well built, and smooth where bark isn’t growing.  Along the bridge of her nose, bark grows and forms eyebrows like tree branches.  Her eyes are wide and happy, with a certain shine about them, and are hazel with a honey-colored glow.  She stands proudly, and often has a disposition of wonderment about her.  She is very approachable, bouncy, and carefree.  She wears an evergreen coat of leather, formed to look like leaves that drape her body, with dark boots and pants, all of which she crafted herself.

A highly charismatic individual, Saoleadh is recently “Awakened” from her pod, and has an excitement about everything.  She is enraptured with the new things she encounters in this world, and fascinated by learning.  This aspect of her personality is one of her more childlike attributes, and as she grows, she may likely leave it behind.  She is a cheerful and outgoing individual, if not a bit prideful.  She loves exploring the world and takes great pride in her mapmaking abilities.  One of her greatest strengths is her ability to manipulate others – however this becomes her greatest weakness, as she is wont to trick and manipulate other people that may not take kindly to her playfulness.  She is genuinely a good character, however she has her tendencies like any other.   
Saoleadh is in love with nature, and keeps pets with her wherever she goes.  Her favored companion is her eagle, Ilia, who comes and goes as she pleases.  Whenever she discovers a new creature, her first goal is to tame it and learn all there is to know about it.  She has wandered from place to place, making maps and befriending animals of all kinds.   She is well-versed in survival, as she has spent most of her (albeit short) time in the wilds.  She has just recently stumbled upon civilization and is very eager to build new relationships.

She wields a sword and dagger for close combat, and a longbow for ranged attacks.  She is a skilled leatherworker and weaponsmith.  If she has magical abilities, she hasn’t yet discovered them, but she does very well with animals and nature, so she may have some druidic magics yet to be discovered.

None, but she is very eager to make them!

Saoleadh “Awoke” from her pod beneath a great tree just a matter of days ago.  The tree is one that doesn’t seem to remain in one place for long, and so Saoleadh woke without any others of her kind to guide her.  She emerged fully grown from her pod and took immediately to the forest to explore and learn more about the world.