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Author Topic: Regency Lightdancer, centaur midwife  (Read 32 times)

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Regency Lightdancer, centaur midwife
« on: March 05, 2018, 12:48:15 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS
Name: Regency Lightdancer
Age: the equivalent of 22 human years.
Gender: Female
Species: Centaur
Ethnicity: Adelan
Height: From the ground to the top of her head, she is almost 9 feet tall, though the spine of her horse half comes to about 5'9"
Occupation: Midwife and foalsitter, with occasional forays into true medicine.
Serha Plains, wandering among the grasslands with simply a a light tent for cooler weather.

__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description:

Built with a willowy sort of strength, Gency's human half is a gorgeous example of femininity. Her hair is long and raven-black, braided into small, shiny viking style braids, with larger ones interspersed, and long, wavy locks allowed to fall freely down her back. Her eyes are a deep, fathomless grey- like a stormy summer sky. Her skin is only slightly tanned and unblemished, with a modest bust and a taut, wiry sort of muscle in her abdomen and upper arms. Her teeth are even and white, though both the top and bottom jaws bear sharp, doglike canines. Her ears are slightly pointed, and pierced with numerous silver rings.

Her lower half, however, is what most see when they look upon her; for she bears the body of a sturdy horse, with gentle oak fur that is thin and shining as silk, and dark black fade-in sock markings on all four legs, which also form faint zebra-like stripes that do not extend far above her knees. Along her spine is a dark dorsal stripe that reaches to blend into the base of her tail. This pelt style is described as Grullo, for those who know of it. Her tail is velvety and long, only centimeters from brushing the ground, and is a thick black that matches her hair. Her horse body is swift and elegant, though there is wiry muscle in her thighs and forelegs.

Often, Gency adorns her human half with simple leather and linen shirts, with some cloaks and coats made from soft animal furs that she carries with her, often not needed. Her lower half possesses a few clothes in her satchels as well- including thin blankets, pretty silk draping ribbons meant for only the most esteemed occasions, and a thick fur cloak that buckles where her waist meets her equine body. She carries with her a medium sized battleaxe, double bladed. She also carries a sturdy leather strap harness for pulling things behind her and fastening things to her- this usually comes into play only during hard travel or emergencies.

Wise and kind-hearted, Regency is seemingly built for the role of midwife. With a quiet, pleasantly rasping voice, she sings beautiful lullabies adored by the herd's foals, and has a gentle demeanor that can soothe a child's ills. Mothers treat her with respect and welcome, and she has a way of befriending almost anyone. However, because of the man-dominated ideals of the herd she lives in, she tends to be almost invisible to the stallions of the tribe, and can be treated with suspicion or mistrust by them; for they see any female without a mate or harem as possibly infertile and therefore unlucky and unfit for major roles. Though, what they do not know is that she is perfectly capable of bearing foals. While they show her deference to her rank and importance in the health of their women and young, she has no real authority, and they make sure she knows it. As such, she is without mate nor beloved foals of her own.
As is typical of centaurs, she can be wary around other species, and though she is generally sweet and peaceful, may take some coaxing before her kind's bias nature fades into the woodwork. She is quite wise, though, and often has much insight into the world around her, if you would seek to ask.

Mild healing magics, which she seeks to strengthen.
Intensive knowledge of herbs and natural remedies.
Expert tracker.
Very fast, and has a high stamina.

Unattached and often on the fringes of the tribe, she is very much an outlier, without living kin- though she has forged a few steadfast friendships with some of the herdmothers.

Killing her mother in childbirth, young Regency was raised by a doting father. He taught her the ways of the tribe, and was of a high rank; this, coupled with the herdsman's respect for him was much of what kept her from a forced or arranged marriage or internment into one of the five chief's large harems as she grew to womanhood. More free than many of her hoofsisters, Gency chose the path of midwife, wishing to prevent any foal from losing it's mother, as she had. When her father passed away in a great battle over territory, she was pushed to the fringes of their community, and there she has stayed.

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