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Author Topic: Aurora Phillips  (Read 31 times)

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Offline SilverDragonsBlood

Aurora Phillips
« on: March 08, 2018, 02:00:44 PM »
__________QUICK STATS

Name: Aurora Phillips

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Height: 5'1"

Ethnicity: Serenian/Essyrni

Occupation: Student

Residence: Wyrdwood Academy

__________IN-DEPTH STUFF

Physical Description
Aurora is a beautiful, young girl with darkened caramel skin and eyes to match. Her brown hair is quite thick and holds silky waves just past her shoulders.

Besides the Wyrdwood robes, Aurora like to wear dresses. Her favorite one is pure white with lace accents and a red belt around her waist.
Spoiler: show

credit: Charlie-Bowater on DeviantArt
edits made by me

Eek! A witch! Yeah, that's not her.

Upon first glance, Aurora is innocent and charming, as well as witty and intelligent. She's the kind of girl that just gets along with everyone. She loves helping students with homework, even smart enough to help some of the older students.

Aurora always has her nose in a book, whether it's a story about adventure or a book for class doesn't matter. Because of this, Aurora has an interesting pastime that most would consider kind of messed up. She hexes people!

Yup. Innocent, little, second year student likes to hex people, and these hexes can be nearly impossible to break. Clever and well-read, she's always cooking up the next hex she'll cast.

Time to elaborate a bit on Aurora's hexes. She only hexes people who annoy her, and the severity of annoyance doesn't matter, so she's not one you want to piss off.

Her hexes, or curses as she refers to them, can be absolutely anything. She has no range to her creativity, so if she can think it up, chances are she can do it.

What's interesting is how to break the curses. Because she's a book worm, Aurora has read all of the stories about curses being broken, so she will never settle for the stereotypical "true love's kiss" solution or anything like that. Instead, she'll choose something that people just wouldn't normally think of. For example; instead of true love's kiss breaking the curse, it would be true love's high-five.

Mother & Adoptive Father (strained relationship)

Aurora was born to an extremely wealthy noblewoman. She was raised in Serendipity with her mother and adoptive father. Her mother had conceived a child with an Essyrni man who had put a love spell on her, but her husband promised to love the child as his own, regardless of her blood heritage.

She was raised without knowing why she looked different from her very pale parents, but she found out when her magic began to surface. Aurora loved stories, but she had more of an interest in the villains of the tales. Her mother didn't like it, but there was really nothing they could do about it.

When she was ten years old, Aurora was told the truth of her paternal lineage. She was told about the love spell and how her father loved her enough to raise her regardless. This knowledge awakened a desire to connect with her true father. Because her mother didn't know who he was, Aurora did this by devoting herself to learning hexes and curses. Because all curses had some way of being broken, the girl created ways that she was pretty sure people would never think of.

At thirteen, her parents sent her to Wyrdwood to learn discipline and to hopefully get the girl's morals straightened out.



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