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Author Topic: Siatha, Knight of Serendipity  (Read 33 times)

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Siatha, Knight of Serendipity
« on: March 13, 2018, 08:53:11 PM »
Name: Siatha Eiteltion

Age: 22

Height 5'6"

Orientation: While you were busy being Heterosexual, I studied tHE BLADE

Species: Elf

Ethnicity: Serenian

Occupation: Knight of Serendipity

Appearance:  Of medium height, Siatha has a strong, firm build.  As a Knight of Serendipity, she wields a lance on horseback.  Her skin is sun kissed from practicing in the field; her hair is long, flowing, and the color of honey.  She often keeps it in a braided bun on top of her head to keep it out of the way. Her face is narrow, flushed from the sun, and dotted with freckles.  Her eyes are small and a chestnut-brown color, she has a button nose and long, pointed ears with a small, narrow mouth. Her armor is slim-fitting, emerald plate with a golden trim to match the colors of the Eiteltion family crest.  When not armored up for battle, Siatha likes to train in leather and cloth armor, or explore the city in a fine jerkin, breeches, and boots. 

Personality: Shrewd and good at what she does, Siatha is one of the youngest Knights of Serendipity.  She is a master lancer, and dedicated to the Knights.  When on duty, she is one of the most serious members of her Legion, but once she is released from work, she is a bubbly, hilarious, and energetic young woman.  A highly charismatic individual, Siatha has worked hard to get where she is now.  She is witty and knows it. 
She knows her abilities and she plays off of them.  Though never one to shout it from the rooftops, Siatha knows she is the best of the best in her Legion, and expects everyone else to know it, too.  Of course she doesn't need to let on that she knows what she's doing - that much is obvious.

Magic/Abilities: She is a master with the lance and with people.  She can sweet talk her way out of anything.  No magic to speak of, although she does think it is fascinating. 

Relationships: She is the third of four children - two older sisters and a younger brother.  Her sisters followed the ways of book-smarts and scholarly learning, but Siatha had always wanted to be a Knight.  In a way she thinks herself to be above even her sisters - but fiercely protects her younger brother and knows that whatever he does, he will do well.
With her parents, she shares a strong bond. 
She greatly looks up to her teacher, who is pretty much the only person capable of humbling her. 
Her horse, Evangelion, is her favored companion.

History: Siatha was raised a rich, noble life and basically knew no tribulation.  From a young age it was her dream to join the Knights of Serendipity and when she applied, made it in without any difficulties, as she had worked hard for the position.  In many ways, her life has just begun.