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Author Topic: Joining Form  (Read 9730 times)

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Joining Form
« on: October 24, 2008, 08:30:33 PM »
Just fill out the character profile form below and consider yourself automatically accepted.

If there are any problems with your character at any point, we reserve the right to ask for corrections. Don't be afraid, though. We're a laid back, stress-free community and SotE is open to all players. ;D

Profiles should be posted in the directory location where your character makes their residence, listed at the top of the Character Directory.

Leaders! If a leadership slot is open (for instance, the king or queen of a country), the character will need to be approved by the admins first. :3 Ideally, we'd like to discuss the character over IMs/PMs to make sure it'd be a proper fit, since that's a big responsibility. But all other characters are fine! Nobility and the like doesn't need to be approved.

  • Fill out as much or as little as you like and edit at your leisure. We understand that some people figure out their characters as they play them while others need to fill out a form in advance to get to know their character. Thus, we try to appeal to both camps. :3 Profiles are intended to be living, breathing tools to chart character growth and development.
  • Feel free to modify and add to your profile as you see fit! Pretty it up any way you like, add sections, delete sections, rearrange things, add color and images, and update it at your own leisure. (: You don't have to keep it in the format it's currently in. Get as creative as you like!
  • Please be sure to title the subject of your post with your character's full name and rank/occupation (if an occupation is applicable). So, for example:

    -Name, Queen of Adela
    -Name, Commoner
    -Name, Barmaid
    -Name, Necromancer

    Etc. P: If they don't have a rank or occupation, just include their name.

And without further adieu, the form!

Code: [Select]
[b]__________________QUICK STATS[/b]
[If applicable. Is the character Serenian, Adelan, Connlaothian, Thanati, Essyrni, Yoreiqi, etc?]

[b]__________________IN-DEPTH STUFF[/b]

[b]Physical Description[/b]





[b]__________________THREAD TRACKER[/b]
[b]Current Threads[/b]

[b]Complete Threads[/b]

To limit confusion, it is also suggested you create a signature that includes a list of your characters in it, just for the reference of other players. Also, please don't reply to character profiles. If you see a character there that is of interest to you, contact the player directly.

That's it! Go join! And welcome to SotE!
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