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Author Topic: Demaht  (Read 1380 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

« on: June 10, 2007, 07:11:37 PM »

__________________Quick Stats

Demaht (pronounced "day-maht")
Who the heck knows?
Djinn; ifrit
Your own personal Jesus Genie!

__________________In-Depth Stuff

Physical Description
Demaht isn't an especially tall woman, only of about average height at around five foot four with a slender but curvey body. Her eyes are a bright, fiery orange, contrasting sharply with her dark skin, and her hair is red and loosely curled, falling around her shoulders. Her ears are pointed and pierced multiple times, and she has another piercing, a small golden hoop, in her left nostril and another piercing in her naval, a topaz gem.

She tends to wear a lot of jewelry, favoring gold, and her arms and ankles are adorned with an assortment of bracelets, her fingers decorated with rings. The only place that doesn't bear a lot of jewelry is her neck, which only has a single necklace around it: a golden one with a pendant that it encrusted with topaz gems. Not a modest woman, her typical dress involves sheer pants that billow in the legs and are tied off at the ankle and a top that covers her breasts but leaves the rest of her torso bare. Really the only areas that her clothes aren't sheer are where they cover her breasts and bottom. For whatever reason, Demaht also does not wear shoes, but prefers going barefoot. Mainly because she doesn't need the protection.

This is not, by any means, her actual form. This is just her preferred form, the one she's perfected and developed over the years. Ifrits are, however, shapeshifters and in truth Demaht doesn't even have a "true form"--every form she takes, she has created on her own.

When touched by someone, what most people notice right away is that her skin is unusually warm, sometimes almost painful to the touch. Even in cold weather.

Demaht is a lot of things. Arrogant, hedonistic, sadistic, selfish, and misanthropic. Yeah. She has a lot of issues, but in the end the main thing is that the number one person in her life is, you guessed it, her. She doesn't feel like she owes anyone anything and she only views other people as being there to serve her. She certainly doesn't place any value on human or mortal lives, regarding them in the same way a human regards a colony of ants--worthless, pesky, but sometimes fun to observe in a controlled setting...when you aren't stomping the hell out of them.

It goes without saying that Demaht doesn't have any morals. Well...she does. Her idea of morality? She does what she wants, when she wants to, how she wants to and to hell with everyone else. That's about it. She loves to indulge herself, at the expense of others or not, and she's not the slightest bit shy or demure. Her ego, as one can imagine, is also massive and it makes her purr like a kitty when it's stroked. Or something. She's not at all humble--if someone gives her a compliment, she'll reply with "I know." Because she honestly does believe she's just that great and she's really caught up in herself.

An immortal, inhuman creature, there are some things she can't grasp or feel. For one, she doesn't regret. She simply lacks that capacity. Second, she can't cry. Third, she can't hate. And fourth, she can't love. Being able to do any of those things is a sign of becoming more, well, human. Perhaps this process has already begun, however, because Demaht has learned hate over the centuries--passionate hate at that. Demaht also does not take well to change; she hates change and can be pretty anal about it, wanting things to remain as they are, and this is probably one of the reasons she mostly stays in one form.

Demaht is also a creature of extremes. When she feels emotion, she feels it all the way and she can fluctuate from one emotion to the next at the drop of a hat. This is not, however, a random moodswimg thing though it may seem like it to a human who feels emotions in a less extreme way. For example, Demaht can be pissed off and angry one minutes and then calm and composed the next, acting like she wasn't even angry. This is simply because she gets over things really quickly. She'll be angry, she'll explode, and then she'll be over and done with it. Immortals like her simply don't dwell on things like humans.

In any case, Demaht is pretty...well, nasty on the inside. She can be extremely cruel and think nothing of it. On the outside, however, Demaht acts pleasant enough usually, if mocking and teasing. She also has a certain love for getting under people's skin and making them uncomfortable, just for her own amusement.

Well, in addition to all her obvious personality flaws...she's bound to a necklace and she can't use any of her powers unless ordered to. She also can't go more than twenty feet away from her "master" who wears a larger necklace that matches her own. In essence? She's a super powerful entity that is pretty much at her master's command.

On a physical level, she's pretty much a demi-god--if it weren't, of course, for the fact that she's bound to that necklace of hers and easily controlled because of it. Personality-wise, she stands by her convictions...which ...well...that can also be a pretty bad thing considering her motives and views. Ahem. She's also fairly decent at manipulation. Gotta be careful with her because if you give her an inch she'll take a continent.

Herself, fire, being worshipped, being waited on, blueberries (cough), sweet foods, manicures, massages, having her hair brushed, skinny dipping, sunbathing, having slaves/servants, using her powers to do awe inspiring tasks, exploring the world

Humans, Gods, being a slave, waiting on other people, using her powers to do menial tasks, people not realizing that she is totally and completely awesome and beautiful and the closest thing on Earth to a Goddess (in her head)

Well, as said before, Demaht is pretty much a demi-god. However, the twist is that she cannot use her powers on her own anymore.

Bound to a necklace, she is summoned when a new master touches it and then bound to him/her. She cannot use her powers unless it is "wished" for, and after that she can use those powers of hers to accomplish almost anything. She can't cause mass destruction, she can't kill anyone, she can't resurrect people, and he can't alter anyone's emotions, but after that? The sky's the limit, and there are of course loopholes to get around any of those things that she can't do. For instance, she can't kill but she can give others the means to do so. She can also twist a wish (if someone isn't specific enough) to make something go wrong that results in death.

That's another thing with her. She's the "be careful what you wish for" type of djinn. If one makes a wish from her, they have to be very specific lest she twist that wish in a very, very unpleasant way.

There are a number of restrictions on Demaht in addition to the ones mentioned previously. For one, being bound to the necklace, she cannot go more than twenty feet in any direction away from her master (or the matching necklace, rather). She also cannot touch her master's necklace, nor can she take her own necklace off (it won't lift past her chin). Demaht cannot harm her master or another person, but she is also not obligated to protect her master unless it is wished. Lastly, Demaht can't die. If she is "killed", it really only means she'll be out of commission for a few days before coming back. It's the equivilant of being knocked out to a human.

Well...actually, she can die. If her master's necklace is destroyed, Demaht dies all right--in fact, she simply ceases to exist.

Heh heh...also, there is a way to free Demaht, too. :3 It's actually insanely simple and it doesn't have to do with wishes. But I'm not telling!

Well, the Gods technically, since they created she and the other Djinn. They'd basically be her parents in a sense. Other Djinn would pretty much be her siblings.

She has no friends, only masters and slaves. :3 Tzak is her slave. In her head. Bwaha.

Hah, like anyone's great enough to earn that honor!


I love her. <3 She's so evil and fun.
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