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Author Topic: Kyran  (Read 1516 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

« on: March 27, 2006, 01:00:23 PM »

__________________Quick Stats

Kyran (pronounced "KY-ran", where the "ky" is pronounced like in "sky".)
Incubus on his mom's side, and Neqa'el (a type of cat demon) on his dad's side.
Birth Place
Moraki desert
Currently in Serendipity in Cerenis.

__________________In-Depth Stuff

Physical Description
Kyran has a lean build, fair skin, and a noticeable lack of scars because, physically, he can't scar. His hair is a light brown in color and reaches down to his shoulders. He has pointed ears, like an elf, and hazel eyes. Beneath his eyes are black, scrawling symbols which can easily be explained away as tattoos, though they're not. The incisors of his teeth are elongated and sharper, like fangs, though not like the more dainty fangs of a vampire; they're more like those of an animal. His fingers and toes sport retractable claws.

Though built like a human, Kyran is very, very flexible, thanks to his neqa'el genes.

Kyran is, first and foremost, not human. He is a blend of two very different species, and this results in loads of frustration and confusion for him, especially while trying to exist in a human world! And especially while perfectly capable of passing as human, or at least elven!

Kyran has the uncanny ability to turn almost anything into a friendly competition because to him, life is a game that he doesn't take very seriously. He's spontaneous and playful and doesn't really grasp the idea that some people are uncomfortable with all the things that he finds perfectly normal, because he doesn't really run on Earth logic, but rather follows a sort of logic that is entirely his own.

And, of course, being half incubus, Kyran almost always has sex on the brain. He's aggressively flirtatious, and when that doesn't work, he's not above prostituting himself. For him, sex is a drug he is literally addicted to, and going without for too long can lead to withdrawal symptoms. He doesn't really have the healthiest views around sex, because for him, sex is as vital to his survival as eating, and thus is about as meaningful to him as a fatty hamburger. His standards are very, very low, and can often land him in dangerous situations.

He can be insensitive, selfish, and passive-aggressive because he does not cope well with disappointment or sadness, and has a difficult time relating to other people--because he is very much not human. He is also very impulsive, rarely thinking things through before he just goes ahead and does it. He lives by his urges, and if his urges tell him to do something, he'll go ahead and do it and if there are consequences, well...he'll find out then! Of course, this can lead to disaster; he's gotten in trouble in more than one case because of this.

That said, Kyran is very loyal. Neqa'el are fiercely protective of what they feel is theirs, and Kyran is a very dominant personality. If he feels something or someone is his, he will fight to the death to protect it. While not a violent being by nature, Kyran can be roused to fighting tooth and nail under these circumstances, though he very rarely feels that sort of a connection to anyone. On another note, Kyran can only fight if his life, or the life of someone else, is threatened. Unfortunately for him, he's bound by the rules of his neqa'el blood, so if he ever just wanted to take a swing at someone, he would be physically incapable of it. This can be pretty frustrating.

Despite Kyran's need to get down and dirty, he's a neat freak. He does not like being dirty, and does not like dirty spaces. He's a bit obsessive about cleanliness.

The only magical ability he has is a slight talent with illusions. The ability is rather weak, so he has to actually be touching someone skin to skin  in order for his magic to work. He cannot choose what form the illusion takes; the way the magic works is that it creates an image that the one he is casting the spell on creates--it takes the form of the victim's greatest desires, creating a realistic fantasy of their making.

Kyran doesn't often use this ability, save when desperate. It's pretty much useless save when it comes to coercion, but he actually hates it. For one, he feels it's cheap. Two, well, he hates the fact that when he casts the illusion, no one sees him.

Kyran is fast, and has supernatural strength--though he cannot use that strength for violence except under certain circumstances. Which is good for him, because he sucks at fighting! He's a lover, not a fighter! As a result of his mixed blood, he also does not scar, and cannot catch illness or disease. He can, however, be poisoned.

His father, Rasui, is still alive. He's a Neqa'el (a type of cat demon) and Kyran was and is very close to him. Kyran's mother was a succubus, and her name and anything else about her aside from the fact that she was his mother is pretty much unknown. Kyran also has twenty-six half-siblings on his father's side (hey, his father is over five-hundred years old, and cats don't mate for life!) and Kyran probably has even more half-siblings on his mother's side.

Kyran is the result of a succubus seducing a desert cat demon. |: It was an unlikely coupling that resulted in one very confused and frustrated person.

__________________THREADS AND WHATNOT
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Re: Kyran
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2015, 05:58:00 PM »
Not sure if I can do this... But I'm thinking of starting my own thread and this character seems like a good member. If you are still using this person and/or want to, let me know! I haven't set up anything about my new thread or character (on the grounds that I just started and don't know how lol) but overall, my story is about a young farmer kept on a village in Tirial (I think that's what it is) and is very insecure and lonely. But when a werewolf comes and ravage a his village for many nights, he is the only one fit to seek aid. He decides to go to Arca for help, and though hesitant, his fear of the area and beast drives him away. While on his bountiful adventures which are hopefully going to be shared/influenced with many other RPers, he discovers that not only is he of magical aptitude, but has the capability for great power.
Again, I'm new and all and not sure how this all works, but hopefully we can get in touch and hopefully make a story?--if you have the time or want to, of course. I don't want to bother haha