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Author Topic: Dai  (Read 1541 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

« on: December 03, 2006, 02:42:41 AM »

__________________Quick Stats

None yet.
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Additional Pictures
He's naked! O:

__________________In-Depth Stuff

Physical Description
Though a unicorn, Dai is of a breed that takes on humanoid form. In fact, he doesn't even have an animal form at all. He's built very slender and petite, coming to around 5'7" in height, with a light, fine-boned body structure and long limbs. He could be called feminine.

His hair is long and somewhat curled near the bottom and around his face and falls down to his waist. It's a light sea-green in color, kinda like seaweed. His eyes are turquoise, starting out as a dark blue along the outer iris before fading into a bright green color around the pupil, and his skin is fair. In the manner of unicorns, he has a horn growing from the center of his forehead which is about six inches long, spiraled, and looks like it's made from mother-of-pearl, even though it's harder than diamond. His hair generally covers the mark, but around the horn is a star-like mark--it's actually the scar from where his horn grew.

He also has a unicorn's ears, which are the same color as his hair, and a tufted, lion-like tail, also the same color as his hair, grows from his tail-bone. Instead of human feet, he has a unicorn's cloven hooves. His legs are human-like until midway down his shin where the same light-green hair starts to grow and thicken and the structure becomes more horse-like.

On a random note, he apparently smells like the ocean. It goes along with his whole ocean theme and, well, his type of unicorn is said to have been born from the sea.

Friendly, kind, and affectionate--but also morbidly selfish. He doesn't realize he does it, nor does he mean anything bad by it, but it's definitely there. Dai usually comes across as innocent as well, but he's not, not really. He's intelligent beyond his years, but also optimistically naive and that generally makes him come across as far more stupid than he really is.

He genuinely loves people, though, and loves being around them, and is quite physical--the touchy sort of person who hugs strangers. He tends to think the best about people and tries to give everything a positive spin.

His vanity. Dai is very vain and the easiest way to distract him/win an argument/get him to shut up is to compliment him. Call him pretty or say he smells good and he'll melt and do anything. Sad thing is, he doesn't even realize he does it but, indeed, he is the sort of guy that looks at his own reflection whenever he passes by a reflective surface and he does like to look at himself--because he does know he's pretty.

As a result, Dai is extremely selfish. He likes to be spoiled, and the concept of helping other people is foreign to him (it might get him dirty). He is very "me" centric and used to being doted upon.

Physically, he's not all that strong. He wouldn't be winning any physical confrontations, that's for sure!

He also doesn't have the capacity to love or cry.

His resilience. He may not be that strong physically, but mentally and emotionally he's extremely strong. He's not the type to hold a grudge--he's the forgive and forget type and, along those lines, he doesn't have the capacity to regret. He's not one to dwell on things--if something happens, well, it's in the past. He can be sad about it when it's happening, but once it's over, it's over for him and he moves on without regrets. Everything is a learning experience.

He's a quick runner, as well, and it's near impossible to catch him. Under normal circumstances. The flip to this is that while it is difficult to trap him (in fact, he can only be caught by unfair means [tricks, betrayal, etc.]), once he is caught it is near impossible for him to escape and easy for him to be caught. A sort of bond forms between captor and captive and he can't truly be free again until he is actually released.

As is true for unicorns, he has amazingly strong healing powers. With his horn, he can heal injuries, cure sickness and disease, draw out impurities and toxins, and he can also use it to purify poisoned or tainted water or foods. His very blood also possesses healing properties and if applied to wounds or added to water, it also heals and purifies.

He even has the power to resurrect the dead--but only within a very short window. The body must be freshly dead and still be warm for it to work. This ability is also limited in other ways; if it was simply the person's time to go, they won't be brought back for long, and in that case, resurrection could be crueler than simply letting them pass. For that reason, Dai has never used the ability--though, of course, he's never had reason to in the first place.

Dai also has the ability to understand other animals. He can't speak to other animals, but he can often understand them.

Estranged from his adoptive family, considering they sold him. |:

Was raised by a human family that found him as a baby--and sold him when his horn grew around the age of 13, once they learned what he truly was. They already had enough mouths to feed, and he sold for a pretty penny while his parents justified it to themselves, telling themselves he would have a better life in some rich person's care than whatever poor life they could offer.

It was somewhat true.

He wound up raised by a wealthy, eccentric nobleman who bought him before a rather unsavory sort could. Dai always saw that as his master saving him, and forever felt in his debt. He had a good life in his master's care; his master only required his company and liked to look at him, nothing more. Dai was treated well and given everything he could want--but freedom.
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