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Author Topic: Niamh Mera, missionary  (Read 1666 times)

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Niamh Mera, missionary
« on: December 09, 2006, 06:51:04 PM »
__________________QUICK STATS...
Niamh [NEE-ihv] Mera
Ilioni, a sun-worshiping people


Physical Description
Niamh has smooth, pale white skin peppered with freckles and white-blonde hair, worn chin-length and choppy. Her eyes are light blue. She has a slight, slender frame with toned muscle, especially in her legs. She's small-chested with a boyish build, though her hips have curved a little more over the years.

She tends to dress in men's clothes and prefers lighter earth tone colors. She's not picky, though; if it's relatively clean and doesn't have any holes in inappropriate places, she'll wear it, though she prefers clothes that are loose-fitting and slightly over sized as though to hide the fact that, yes, she does in fact have a woman's figure under all that. She doesn't wear any jewelry and she has no piercings. She just prefers simplicity, nothing attention-grabbing.

To non-Ilioni, Niamh is aloof and cocky. She and her people are better and she knows it. She has her very "black/white", "right/wrong" way of thinking. She is arrogant and tends to believe that her way of doing something is better, that her morals are right. There aren't really any shades of gray for her, and she's very outspoken about her views--even when she knows it's an unpopular opinion.

She's impulsive, as well. She makes a lot of decisions spur of the moment without thinking it through. If it sounds good to her, she'll do it! Which, of course, can often work to her detriment. She has a sharp mind; even while she may panic in the heat of the moment, if she can regain control of herself, she is a fast thinker. She's also not a quitter. If one plan fails miserably, she'll quickly come up with another. She's observant, has a good memory, and is quick to notice--and use--the little details to her advantage.

She follows her faith devotedly and even blindly, for her religion is all she knows and is all she's been taught. She hasn't experienced much of the world yet, and as a result maintains a rather sheltered, black and white view of things.

Among people she likes, Niamh is still cocky, but it's more of a playful arrogance. She enjoys games and sparring and rough-housing, and grows bored easily. She has a lot of energy to burn and has a lot of difficulty sitting still. Loves arguments and debates, especially when she wins them. She has a good deal of ego and likes to stroke it.

She's terrified of the dark, and is claustrophobic. She's also very prudish and body shy and easily flustered when it comes to such topics.

She has some minor magical abilities in that she can manipulate light, heat, and fire though she's not very good at it yet, at least not without an aid. She is also resistant to fire. Basically, the extent of her power is that she could conjure up a little flame between her fingers, or maybe warm up her bed if the sheets were cold. Minor stuff like that. If she wants to do hardcore magic stuff, she needs an aid, and that's where her weapons come into play.

She has two weapons: a double-bladed staff, and a simple dagger, and the blades of both weapons are forged with an Ilioni metal called Ardeia. Basically, when desired, the metal glows white-hot and burns hotter than fire. Niamh's staff is also equipped to serve as a sort of channel for her magic, strengthening it. Technically, she could also use the dagger in the same way as it is also made of Ardeia, but it wouldn't strengthen her ability much more than it already is. In any case, using her staff as a channel for her magic is simply a temporary aid, so to speak, to help her until she can really grow into her ability.

On another note, she gains strength from the sun, light, and heat. She's not a night owl at all as, in fact, darkness makes her lethargic and her abilities don't work well at all under such conditions--which is another reason having weapons forged with Ardeia is important, because Ardeia produces light. Without Ardeia, Niamh needs an actual source to draw upon for her magic.

She is also a decent firedancer!

Her mother and father are alive and well, and pretty incensed that she left to go gallivanting with her merry band of missionaries. |:

As Niamh came of age, she was set to be married to a man her parents had picked out for her that they viewed as a good match. Niamh was not pleased. |: Her choices to get out of that were to either go join the Temple and train to be a priestess, or...a more appealing choice: join up with a group of missionaries that were traveling the continent with the goal of spreading the Light to all the dark corners. Either way, she would have to defy her parents.

She chose the more exciting option of the two.

The group turned out to be a rather militant one. |:

And I'll go into detail more as I play her. 8D

TL;DR: Niamh is from a Northern seafaring tribe to the far, far, far west of Hyoite on the coast of the Tuor ocean. Her people call themselves the Ilioni. They are a barbarian tribe of sun worshipers (the sun is the source of all life, in their eyes, and light and sun and heat is the difference between life and death there!) and they are trying to venture beyond the scope of their current territory, into heathen lands. Niamh is part of one of those missionary groups.
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