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Author Topic: Niaaki D'varan  (Read 1273 times)

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Niaaki D'varan
« on: March 13, 2005, 04:53:44 PM »


Niaaki D'varan
Half fae, half human.
Birth Place
Featherfall, Serendipity
Additional Images
Yuuki and Niaaki
Niaaki's scars

Physical Description
Niaaki is fair-skinned with a slim build that's a little on the underweight side. He has a fine-boned facial structure and androgynous looks, due to his fae heritage, and he is often mistaken for a pretty woman as a result. His shoulder-length hair is silver in color, his ears are pointed, and his eyes are a silvery blue.

He typically dresses in plain traveling clothes (and oh so misses the days when he could buy richer things), and dresses modestly, usually making sure his arms are covered to his wrists. He sometimes wears gloves, as well. His only accessories are a corded necklace with a small teardrop sapphire, matching earrings, and a ring with his House's sigil on it.

Beneath his clothes (and the reason he always wears long sleeves and keeps covered up) he is marked by a series of intricate, interwoven designs that look almost like tattoos. They are a pale violet in color but stand out obviously against his light skin. They start on his right arm, starting at the wrist and working up to his shoulders, decorating both and spreading to the back of his neck and partway down his spine. The same pattern is then duplicated on his lower back, hips, buttocks, and down his left leg to the top of his foot. Though quite pretty and intricate, these are actually scars--scars caused by the bad reaction magic had on his body when he was born. They do not look or feel like normal scars, for the skin is perfectly smooth.

Wherever he goes, he also carries with him an old, ragged doll (named Butch) that is literally falling apart at the seams and has been stitched and patched back up multiple times, has most of its yellow yarn hair missing, and has one blue button eye gone.

Niaaki is stubborn, playful, spoiled, headstrong, selfish, manipulative, capricious, and determined. He wants what he wants and he will find a way to get it, whether it's by laying on the charm, hinting, pouting, begging and pleading, outright demanding it, scamming, or just by working out some way to pulls enough strings to finally get the result he wants. Being part fae, he feels his emotions very strongly, though while he does have a temper, he generally burns cold and steady after the initial outburst, snubbing the one who pissed him off. (At least until he eventually forgets to be mad.)

He has a playful sense of humor, enjoying silly banter and often making jokes at his own expense or playing along with random scenarios. He's extremely loyal and would do anything for a friend, and stand by them against all odds. Niaaki is also very trusting--to the point of naivete. While he realizes there is bad stuff in the world, he doesn't quite realize how bad, and so is prone to making bad judgment calls and poor decisions.

He's a very tactile, affectionate person that loves touching and being touched. Hell, he just loves attention, period, whether it's good or bad. He loathes being ignored.

Beneath all that, however, is a shy and insecure person. In a lot of ways, Niaaki just feels inadequate, for he sees himself as a weak, scrawny, unattractive person and doesn't really have much faith that anyone could love him. Most people mistake him for a girl, men and women alike, and are disinterested when they find out he's male. Kind of a blow to the self-esteem, as he desperately wants to be accepted as he is. He is also quite co-dependent as a result of his low self-esteem.

He just does a good of hiding all that beneath everything else.

He's physically frail, thanks to being born sickly and almost dying as an infant, and the side-effects of that rough start seem to be that he can't gain weight no matter how much he eats. His body can only handle so much magic at a time, and expending too much magical energy can seriously drain him, which often has physical effects. When that happens, his scars bleed.

Niaaki is claustrophobic. Small closed spaces can send him into a panic, even though he has no logical reason to fear them. But he does have fae blood, and claustrophobia tends to be an instinct within that particular race.

Magically, he is strong and has the potential to do some nasty, potent spellwork. He just has to be careful not to draw too much magic, or he could hurt himself. He's found ways to make his magic work without expending too much energy himself, such as enchanting items for others to use by slowly building upon a single enchantment for days, piecing it together like a sewing project.

Niaaki can be diplomatic when the need arises. And while he doesn't like confrontations, he also doesn't shirk them--he hates to leave things unfinished, and he will not hesitate to fight back. He has a strong will and likes to get his way, and he will go to any length to get it. And, though he hates his appearance...he also knows how to use it. It comes in handy when it comes to playing the innocent card and getting people to do what you want.

Niaaki's body is not a strong enough vessel for the magic he possesses, so it had to be sealed into an inanimate, inorganic object of some sort. His doll, Butch, serves this purpose. The doll was close by and convenient at the time--an object that no one would care to steal. However, if the object is destroyed, the magic would need another vessel and without another vessel readily available, it would return to the obvious one--Niaaki--which could be disastrous for him. If stolen, while the thief would not be able to wield the magic, the thief could manipulate Niaaki. Quite literally, as magic is an intrinsic part of his very existence.

To use his magic, Niaaki has to be touching Butch. The contact establishes a connection between he and his magic, and allows the magic to channel into and through his body, allowing him to draw upon as much or as little as he wants at any given time. His magic is purely elemental.

His mother died giving birth to him. His father, Akaaji, is a noble, likely still alive unless he was murdered or something, as those with fae blood have lengthy lifespans. Niaaki was an only child. Niaaki doesn't really want anything to do with his blood-family, though. His new family is Yuuki, who is like the older brother he never had. Yuuki is his family; Niaaki doesn't really consider his father to be family, and he considers the whole "blood is thicker than water" line to be a crock.

Niaaki was born sickly, and his rough start in life has affected the rest of his life, as well. The thing is, it was his own fae blood that almost did him in, and DID kill his mother in childbirth. Niaaki is one-fourth fae, and three-forths human, and that seems to be a deadly ratio, as was soon discovered. Even though other fae genes might be dilluted as they mingle with a human's, the fae magic, the very essence of a fae's being, stays just as potent. A half-human, half-fae would have enough fae blood to be able to withstand the magic, and a third-fae and two-thirds humans would have a bit of a hard time, but could persevere. However, Niaaki simply has too little fae blood and too much human in him to be able to handle such potent magic.

With fae, the magic within them springs to life at birth. In other cases, this process would be unnoticeable; the little fae, no matter how small and weak, would be able to handle the magic. However, Niaaki could not, and instead of gently springing forth, the magic assaulted him. His body could not handle it, could not hold it, and some of it even lashed out at his human mother.

It was only the quick improvising of his father, who was part fae himself, that saved him. He managed to place the magic into a doll--an inanimate object could handle it safely whereas a living, flesh and blood body could not--where the magic still dwells today.

His actions saved Niaaki, but Niaaki's mother died a short time later, and Niaaki was forever scarred from his rough introduction into the world. The magic's assault weakened him horribly, and even after he was saved, he almost didn't make it, and he's had quite a few close calls in his life due to this. His body has never been able to recover from this experience and is, likely, forever damaged.

Niaaki grew up the son of a noble, and lived on the estate for most of his life (which isn't very long). It was a peaceful life, and he had everything he could want and, yes, he was spoiled like mad. But he was ignored by his father who never got over the loss of his wife, and who blamed Niaaki for taking her away from him. So, Niaaki truly got everything he wanted except affection, which was what he truly wanted the most.

Ultimately, it was at the age of thirteen when he would run away from home. He'd always known about how his mother died; he'd been told the full story long ago, because his father was brutally honest when asked a question. And he knew his father didn't like him, that he was angry at him, but yet he put up with all the cold shoulders because he felt that, deep down, he was loved, even if he was never told such. After all, his father took care of him. Actions spoke louder than words, right? Yet one night at supper he dredged up the courage to actually ask--and the answer was no. His father didn't love him. He only raised him out of obligation. Niaaki would grow up a proper noble and carry on their house's name in honor. That was the depth of his love.

Niaaki ran away two days later at the age of thirteen, and...that wasn't such a smart move at the time. Truth be told, he didn't actually intend to stay away. It was more like the typical teen stunt that kids pull, only wanting to run away for a little while in the hopes of "teaching them a lesson" and changing their folks' minds. And after all, he had no experience with life outside the grounds of the estate. He'd been to the marketplaces and villages before, but never alone.

So, of course, one of the first things that happened was he got horribly lost.

The next thing that happened was he got mugged.

Wearing fine attire kinda made him stand out, and his lost "I don't know what the hell I'm dooooing..." expression probably didn't help.

Anyways, it was during this time that he met Yuuki, probably while he was curled up sobbing somewhere after getting robbed, not knowing what to do or where to go and hungry on top of it all. In any case, the older (by four years) and streetsmart Yuuki took Niaaki under his wing and got him food at an inn, where they introduced one another, and they've been together ever since. ^__^ Yuuki was apparently attracted to Niaaki because he reminded him of his younger brother, who had been murdered. And Niaaki was drawn to Yuuki because, finally, there was someone in his small world that actually cared, someone that could love him.

So, in the end, instead of running away for a day or two like he had planned...he's been running away for about four years now, and has no plans whatsoever of going back.

Aaand...Niaaki has no idea that Yuuki knew about him a few days before they actually met. Heh...Yuuki first learned about Niaaki because he heard of some lord wanting to marry off his daughter. By accident, since Yuuki didn't know what lord was being talked about, he ended up following Niaaki and his father home, thinking Niaaki was a girl. However, when he asked Niaaki's father about his "daughter", Niaaki's father replied he had no daughter and sent Yuuki off on his way.

So, no...Niaaki does not know about this, and probably never will. XD Yet it was this little incident that, in truth, was the cataclysm that caused Niaaki to run away from home. See, this little mistake put his father in a pretty darned bad mood because he was already disappointed in Niaaki for a lot of different reasons, and now having his son mistaken for a daughter...yeah, that was pretty depressing. It happened to be this night that Niaaki asked the question that would cause him to run away.
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