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Author Topic: Sachi, thief  (Read 843 times)

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Sachi, thief
« on: November 11, 2008, 11:25:07 PM »
Sachiya, but goes by Sachi
Gryphon shifter!


Physical Description
Appearance wise, Sachi is about 5'5" with short silver hair, matching silver eyes, and pale skin. Her hair is layered and messy, and her bangs reach down to about her jaw line. The rest is tied back with a simple leather thong into a loose ponytail that reaches her shoulders. On a closer look, her hair isn't really hair in the human sense but is rather a bunch of tiny, thin feathers. For this reason she can't brush her hair and plucking one hurts like hell because these "hairs" are also attached to her scalp like feathers; plucking one of those would draw blood.

A thief, she dresses in clothes that allow her to move quickly and reduce the risk of catching on things, whether it be on bits of glass from a broken in window or the hands of a guard. So, she tends to wear form-fitting clothes that hug her body without restricting movement, sturdy leather boots, and, of course, a nice pair of gloves to protect her hands. Her body is lithe and slender and light, ideal for fitting in tight spaces, with slim hips and a modest bust that she keeps bound when she's on a job.

Her nails are a bit thicker and curved, sharpened in the end to points like talons, and so she files them down constantly to keep them more blunt and human-like. She also has a tail--long and lion-like with a silver tuft at the end.

Sachi is a joker. She doesn't take life seriously, she's dorky, she loves danger, and she's mischievous. She enjoys playing tricks on people and causing trouble and to hell with the consequences--and there are usually consequences. She doesn't tend to think before she acts; if she has the impulse to do something, by golly she'll do it. Also, she like shiny things and is easily distracted by them. She's like a crow. Give her shinies and she'll be entertained for hours. Maybe it's because of her gryphon-ness and the fact that, essentially, she's half bird? But she likes to hoard her treasures and she'll guard them fiercely.

And by "treasure", they're not necessarily things of value. Sachi is a thief because she's dirt poor. But she likes interesting things. A coin marked up in an interesting way, an unusually smooth stone, a bit of broken, colored glass. Those are the sorts of things Sachi hoards.

Her attention span is rather on the short side. It's very easy to distract her and she doesn't always finish one thought before moving on to the next. However, this also makes her very quick to let go of things coupled by the fact that she is not really human and thus doesn't have a lot of the hangups humans have. She is quick to forgive and to some extent forget, she copes and gets over things fairly fast, but she is also not a doormat and is just as quick to stand up and fight. She won't go out of her way to initiate a conflict, but she is still a gryphon and she can get fierce.

Sachi is a healer. Aside from some minor healing magic, her only other ability is the ability to shift to her gryphon form. She's not very good at it, though, and it takes a great deal of time, effort, and focus. It's not something she would be able to do, say, in the middle of a fight.

Sachi has an older half brother named Cadmus.

I will write it...eventually. 8D
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