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Author Topic: Hatame  (Read 1304 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

« on: December 08, 2008, 02:11:36 AM »

HATAME; free-loader

Hatame (Hah-tah-may)
Usually something with the words "bastard" and "pervert" in them.
Heterosexual and bicurious
Gryphon shifter
Jack of all trades. Mostly gets by as a petty thief.
Wherever his feet take him.

Physical Description
As a human, he has a lean build and dark skin. His hair is black and reaches down to about a little past his shoulder blades, save his bangs which are stark white and about jaw-length, and he tends to bead a section of hair on his right front. His eyes are bright green. On the left side of his jaw are three old scars that look like they were made by claws, though he had more scars scattered elsewhere on his body. Most noticeably, claw-made scars across the right side of his chest and above his left hip. The latest addition to his growing collection of scars? Burn-induced scarring on his forearms.

As far as style goes, Hatame wears casual, comfortable clothes (consisting primarily of an undershirt, overcoat, and breeches) and boots, and a collar-like choker that is now part of his overall style (if you can call it a style), but was originally there for humiliation's sake.

In gryphon form, well, he is an average-sized black-colored gryphon (save for the stark white streaks on his head and mane) with the same green eyes and scars. Average-sized meaning he's about the size of a large male lion.

Speaks with an accent: a slight rolling of Rs and hissing of Ss.

Anyone who's ever hung out with him for any amount of time will learn one thing: Hatame is an attention whore, and lives for getting a rise out of people and just generally being unpredictable. He's quick-witted and adaptable to different situations, there's not a lot that can shock him, and he is not afraid of making a complete ass of himself in order to get a reaction of some sort, nor is he afraid of experimenting and trying new things. He's willing to give almost anything a shot at least once.

That said, he is definitely not a prude, nor is he is not self-conscious in the least. He's very comfortable in his own skin...maybe a bit too comfortable, as well as overconfident. He has no qualms about strutting around in his birthday suit, provided he has an excuse to do so. And yes, he is something of a womanizer. He likes the ladies, and he likes sleeping with the ladies, and he loves innuendo and cracking dirty jokes. He doesn't get prudes, but they amuse him and are always fun to tease. That said, he's pretty difficult to embarrass. He tends to roll with the punches and laugh even when it's him that's the butt of a joke.

On another note, Hatame is also a masochist. He wasn't always, but after living most of his life under a painful curse, it warped something inside his head and became something of a coping mechanism. The curse is gone now, but that still remains as a side-effect. No, that doesn't mean he enjoys getting punched in the face. There are limits there!

In a nutshell, Hatame's overall friendly, carefree, a risk-taker, easily amused and easily bored, spontaneous, and stubborn. He aims to live life to its fullest, doesn't give a crap about rules or social norms, and tends to loathe authority, given his bad experiences with it in the past (and present).

So, ah, there we have him! Hatame, the "perverted, annoying, masochistic freak"!

But, yeah, of course there's more to him than just all the fun stuff.

Hatame doesn't form bonds very easily, as he's always been a rover and tended to form relationships on a "no strings attached" basis. Once a bond is formed, however, it's not easily severed. He'd gladly die for someone he cared enough for if it would help that person in any way, and in the meantime would give everything he had to protect and aid him/her, regardless of how harmful it is to him (hey, and it helps that he has masochistic tendencies, too). And, deep down in that pervy heart of his, he's a caring individual, and can, when he's so inclined, have his serious moments, though they are few and far between.

Being not fully human, he does have some animal-like traits to his personality. For one, he lets things go very easily. He doesn't hold grudges and doesn't regret. Once an argument or stressful situation has passed, he just lets it go and looks to the future more than the past. This isn't to say he doesn't mourn or grieve--he does. It's just that he can make peace with such situations a lot easier than most humans can.

Even if he lives to surprise, Hatame is very honest, especially with his own emotions (even if he's horribly clumsy at expressing them--he's a man of action, not words) and those he is closest to. He's a horrible liar, and not really someone you'd want to tell any big secrets to, because even if he doesn't mean to, yeah, things slip out.

Shifting is the most obvious ability; he can change from a human into a gryphon, though it's a somewhat difficult process and not an instantaneous change. It takes time and uninterrupted focus.

As for magic, he is a water mage. He has the potential to be able to use other types of elemental magic, but he only has the hang of water and hasn't really fiddled with the others. He just doesn't have much of an interest in magic. Learning that stuff is hard work and takes lots of practice--which is just not in line with his lifestyle. As far as elemental magic goes, he cannot things from nothing; to use water, or any other element, he needs a source to draw from, such as a river, water in the ground, etc. The same goes for any other element.

Sakkata: his Drygan mate, love of his life, and apple of his eye. <3 Their relationship is unconventional to say the least, but Hatame wouldn't have it any other way.

To make a long story short, Hatame had a good life growing up until, due to a series of nasty events and misunderstandings, he was placed under a debilitating curse and exiled from his home.

So, Hatame had to struggle to adapt to a new lifestyle, find a way to survive, learn a whole new language (Common is not his mother tongue), and basically bide his time until he died, because that curse? Yeah, it would eventually kill him, and in the meantime it made everyday life painful. If he used magic or attempted to shift, he suffered 'attacks'--massive amounts of pain and lovely side-effects like vomiting and bleeding and even seizures. Everyday the pain got worse, and everyday the attacks grew more severe. It wouldn't be long before his condition crippled and then killed him. In a nutshell, he was pretty much screwed.

In the meantime, though, he made do and he got by with thievery. He fell into the job pretty easily. After all, he was a gryphon shifter and still retained such senses as exceptional hearing and smell. Having good senses helped a lot; gave him a better shot at not getting caught. So, thieving was how he got by, but it also gave him something to do and be occupied with. A added perk? It was a way to piss off authority figures, and after what he went through back home, authority in general left a bad taste on his tongue. Then there was the issue of his 'curse', which was constantly on his mind. He knew he was going to die, and die slowly, so his whole outlook changed to a view of: "Well, if I'm gonna die, I'm gonna have the most fun I can and break every rule in the process, even if it kills me." He had nothing to lose.

In fact, he wanted his reckless behavior to kill him. He knew he'd become debilitated by his curse, and he didn't want to go through that. And the idea of for him.

As the years went by, he managed to pick up the common tongue and perfected his thieving 'style'. He even stopped worrying so much about dying and made damned well sure to have as much fun as he could in his short time, which meant plenty of illegal activity and non-committal flings with women.

Anyway, on one of his thieving expeditions in Adela, he ran into a Drygan woman named Sakkata, who was also trying to steal something. Eventually, they attracted the attention of guards, and while Sakkata got away, Hatame was taken. But, Sakkata busted him out of prison and from there an unlikely friendship slowly formed. A bizarre, unlikely friendship that hardly even looked like a friendship most of the time, as the majority of it involved Hatame teasing Sakkata like the pervy guy he is, and getting beat to a pulp shortly after. To an outsider, it probably looked like they hated each other.

Yet, the bond there was oddly strong, and Hatame nearly died alongside Sakkata's friend, Terri--who did die--in order to save Sakkata when she was kidnapped and later raped and murdered by another of her species, Torr. He managed to kill Torr, but not without some help from beyond the grave from Sakkata's spirit, which was still bound to the mortal realm by a strand of her hair. Ultimately, Hatame brought her back via a bizarre Drygan ritual that involved Sakkata's hair and blood and chopped up body parts. Long story. Anyway, it was Sakkata who then managed to break the bindings Hatame was under, freeing him from his 'curse'.

Oddly enough, it was this incident that strengthened their bond. Stranded out in the mountains after that event and trying to come to terms with what they'd gone through, they set out on a long journey to find a way back to civilization. There were many heart-to-hearts and awkward moments, and eventually they found a tiny village and got to rest--a little. They were attacked yet again by a pair of Drygan/naga half-breeds that were after one of the villagers, and while both were killed, Sakkata was poisoned when one of them bit her. Hatame sustained burns to his forearms, bruises, and dislocated his hip in the battle.

Sakkata nearly died, but pulled through it, and both of them spent a good few weeks healing. After that, there were some failed flirting attempts on Hatame's part, arguments as a result, Hatame being put in the dog house and, eventually, they made up as usual. Only making up this time around lead them both to confess that, yeah, they had crushes on each other. So they decided to take it to the next level and become 'mates'.

For once in his life, Hatame wanted to take something slow. Any other woman, and he would have been all about hopping right into the sack, but he genuinely cared about Sakkata and didn't want to screw anything up. Sakkata was on the same page.

Until a week or so later when Drygan mating season kicked in and she stalked Hatame down.


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