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Author Topic: Kyori, hunter  (Read 387 times)

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Offline Viscount Rhi-Rhi

Kyori, hunter
« on: September 27, 2009, 03:31:52 PM »

Sa'Kyori Amade Dulei. Or just Kyori.
Princess 8D


Physical Description
Kyori is humanoid in shape, with some key differences. She has turquoise hair streaked with white, worn short and spiky in the back and longer in the front. Her ears are long, thin, and usually stand straight up, covered in a layer of turquoise fur with thick tufts at the tips. She only has one eye--the left one--and it is a pale pink in color. The left is gone, and covered with an eye-patch to hide the hideous scarring left behind. She has plump lips, a heart shaped face, and thick eyelashes with bronze skin--save for the patches of brilliant blue and turquoise scales that cover her body. They run down her back clear to the base of her tail, cover her shoulders and run down her arms to the backs of her hands, and cover the tops of her thighs, with several smaller patches beneath her eyes and along her chest and belly.

She has a long, thick, prehensile tail that is covered in the same turquoise fur as her ears, with a thick, silky tuft that takes up about a third of her tail. It it surprisingly strong, and she can use it as a bludgeon in a fight. Her legs are long and build for speed and power, and instead of a human's feet she has large paws, perfect for walking through snow, and walks digitigrade.  Thick fur grows from below her knees down to her feet to protect them from the cold. Each foot has four toes and one dewclaw, and her claws are retractable, each one a good inch long when unsheathed. Her hands, humanoid in shape, also possess retractable claws which extend to about an inch long.

Kyori stands at about 6'0", with a muscular build, ample bust, and shapely hips. Her hearing is excellent, though her eyesight is better in the dark than during the day. Her eyes are a bit sensitive to sunlight, and sudden bright lights can temporarily blind her. She is more of nocturnal creature than a diurnal one, and can be kinda groggy and lethargic during they day, while energetic and pumped during the night!

She usually dresses in the thick furs of the animals she and her people hunt.

Proud to the point of arrogance. Kyori is better than you and she won't let you forget it. |:

Iannu are deadly predators not just because of their speed, strength, claws, and teeth, but also due to a special gland under their tongue, separate from their saliva gland, which produces venom. Iannu are known to spit venom into the eyes of their victims, which produces an intense burning sensation, temporary blindness, and paralysis. They can spit up to ten feet. They also like to coat their weapons (including their claws) with their venom.

However, their venom can be used against them, so they have to be careful. Their own saliva neutralizes it, however.

Their second trump card is camouflage. The only magic the Iannu have is a sort of cloaking magic. It enables them to blend in with their surroundings, their skin and fur changing color and pattern to match. It's not perfect; when they move, there is a slight delay in the magic as it shifts to match the background, and it also doesn't prevent them from casting shadows. Thus, if someone were looking, they'd be able to see the Iannu. Still, it's very effective, and it can be turned on and off as the Iannu pleases.

Her kind will eat basically anything that isn't Iannu. Including humans. 8D

Her people!

She is the current leader of her tribe, after her parents died! Except she just got separated from her people by an unexpected blizzard during a hunt! And then found half-dead by some human trappers from Connlaoth, who have since taken her off to be sold for her strength and exotic looks.
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