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General Site Questions

This site was opened in 2000?! Really?!

Yup! SotE has been going strong since December 13, 2000 without any breaks or hiatuses! It's been non-stop RP action, and we intend to stay that way for many, many years to come! ;D

Does SotE have a word count?

Nope! None at all! We believe all posts are good posts and that length is not a measurement of quality. We want our players to be comfortable in their own writing styles! So you're free to write as much or as little as you want, and seek out RP partners that compliment your style.

Does SotE have a character cap?

Not at all. You can always make as many characters as you want to play!

Does SotE have a Face Claim?

No. Using images of art or celebrities to depict your characters is not at all required and is purely optional. As such, we don't have a Face Claim, either. This means that among those players using art or celebrity photos, there may be duplicates! And that's A-OK and expected. There are bound to be duplicates when you've got thousands of characters running around, and this is not something we monitor or regulate at all.

Can I use art for my characters?

Absolutely! Just be sure it adheres to our Art Usage Policy.

Can I use photos of real people for my characters?

Sure! Celebrity photos are totally fine! Pulling pictures off Facebook to use for your character? Not fine. Just use common sense, basically!

Are there activity checks?

Kind of. Activity checks tend to be performed biannually, and during this time the admins/support staff goes through the member list and purges any accounts with 0 posts, or accounts that haven't been logged into for the last year. So basically, if you want to keep your account, just make sure you've logged in within the last year and you're golden.

My account got deleted! What do?!

Register a new account and you can pick back up where you left off. Just PM Rhi-Rhi and let them know if you want any of your old characters un-archived. If you want to continue any old threads, contact your old partners to see if they're game!

Do you archive threads?

The only threads that get archived are characters that have been dropped, characters of players who have left, character catalogues of players who have left, and inactive guilds. Everything else stays in its proper place, so you never have to worry about your threads getting shuffled around, nor do you have to worry about finishing threads in a certain time frame.

What is the alert system, and how do I tag another player?

The alert system let's you know when other players have tagged you in a thread. To tag other players, place the @ sign before their name. For example, @Rhi-Rhi. If the player's username has spaces in it, put quotes around their name. For example, @"Player Name". They'll then receive a notification by the profile link at the top of the forum. It'll look something like Profile [1]. Click Profile and scroll down to Mentions to see what post you were tagged in!

Character Creation

I want to play one of my characters from another game on SotE. Can I?

Of course! Just be sure to read up on SotE's lore and edit your character to fit SotE's world where applicable.

If you need help with this or need some ideas, never be afraid to contact your admins! We're here to help and we can look at your character and offer suggestions.

Can I make up my own species?

Yes! Whether animal or humanoid, it's up to you. You don't have to submit a write-up about them to play them, either. You only need to submit that write-up if you want other players to be able to play your species. (:

What are the limits regarding magic?

You can make up whatever spells or magical abilities you like. The admins trust the judgment of our players and trust them not to abuse it. Now, specific areas may have their own stigmas against certain types of magic (or magic in general, as in Connlaoth's case) and so certain types of magic could produce negative reactions among the characters there.

For ideas about how magic is classified and broken down in SotE, check the magic page.

SotE'S Setting

Can I play in a location that doesn't have a board? For example, my character is wandering around the Thunderblacks. Can I say that my character found a village there and play in it?

Yes! There are assumed to be far more villages, cities, and towns in existence than the locations that actually have boards for them. Don't be afraid to have your characters come across a town or village that doesn't have a board for it. Really, your imagination is your only limit here, and you have a whole world to explore. Feel free to do so!

All we ask is that the roleplay takes place on the continent of Le'raana and its surrounding isles. So no wandering around distant continents or anything. The admins don't yet know if there even are distant continents yet or if Le'raana is just one big Pangaea. If there are other discovered continents, the admins will announce it when it happens. (:

Can we have airships?

It depends! The technology level of SotE's world is pre-Industrial and centers more on a medieval time period. Thus, steam power hasn't yet been invented. It must be noted that SotE is a medieval fantasy game, not a steampunk game, so steam-powered airships would not work for the setting.

But magical flying ships? Go for it!

Can you tell me more about [Fell]'s history?


To be honest, Fell is supposed to be a great big mystery! What their culture was, who their people were...all anyone in SotE knows is that they were the folk Serenians and Connlaothians are descended from, and that their culture was magical and very advanced! But all that technology and culture was destroyed way back when, and the survivors went on to found Connlaoth and Serendipity. A lot has been lost over the ages, and though some might survive in songs and legends, they're just legends at this point, likely exaggerated and altered as the years ticked by and each bard lent their own twist to the songs.

It's supposed to be mysterious and vague! So what's on the wiki page is basically what you're gonna get.