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Genre: Original, medieval high fantasy.

Location: The large and ecologically diverse continent of Le'raana and its surrounding isles.

Time Period: Roughly equivalent to the mid-1400s - 1500s. But as this is a fantasy world that does not directly mirror our world, and as magic exists, this is more just a wibbly wobbly guideline than a hard and fast rule. Some technologies may exist that weren't available in our world during this time period like, say, pianos. We're okay with innocent anachronisms like that.

Playable Characters: Most are human, but just about any race or species is welcome, even one of your own creation! You'll find dragons, fae, elves, djinn, shifters...and pretty much anything and everything else!


We are a sandbox game! Each and every player creates and crafts their tales within the world. This is a game where the characters drive the stories!

Every now and then the staff will introduce an event (anything ranging from a small celebration to a grand siege) to bring characters together, but any player is free to introduce these things! In fact, we fully encourage players to create their own events!


Life and death works in SotE much like it does in the real world: no one really knows what happens after death.

Of course, on a fantasy game like SotE that has angels and demons running around among men, things get a bit more wibbly wobbly.

SotEís official stance is that there is no One True Path, and instead are many paths and possibilities, and many afterlifes and gods. Some of them good, some of them not so good. If you want to play out a plot that takes place in the afterlife, go for it. Just realize that that particular afterlife is just one possibility of many. Your demon, for example, can be the King of Hell, sureóbut heís only the king of that hell. There are other hells.

We only ask that no real world religions are involved. You can play an angel character, for example, but please remove all Judeo-Christianity references from it. (If you want to play a canon angel character, the Seytil of Essyrn are a good place to start!) Same with demons; please do not reference Satan or Lucifer or Beelzebub, etc. You can play a minor god character, certainly, but please do not create actual gods from our world. SotE has its own rich mythos, and you are free to create your own for your characters, too.

On that note, the Big Gods of SotE (such as Kia, Ansgar, Hakeshna, and Inima) will never come into play as characters or NPCs. They are as mysterious as the gods of our own world.


Players are completely free to come up with their own magic systems and powers, but we do have a broad overview of magic types. Magic divides itself into two main types: immortal forces and mortal magics.

  • Demonic power is a force unique to demons. It is used to harm, corrupt, and tempt mortals. It is weak when faced with holy power, but strong against mortal magics. Mortals can only use this by bending a demon to their will.
  • Holy power focuses on creation, protection, and justice. It protects mortal life. The heavenly creatures who wield it rarely utilize it themselves. Rather, they grant it to mortals who they favor. It is strong against demonic power, but weak against mortal magics.
  • Glamour is the power of illusions, enchantments, and trickery. The Fae use glamour, but it fools only mortals.

  • Demoncraft refers to the summoning and subjugation of demons by a mortal. These people are called demonlords and are universally scorned and feared.
  • Elemental magic is the command of elemental forces. Most often refers to fire, water, air and earth, but can include many things.
  • Life magic is healing magic. It is the manipulation of the forces of life and is nearly impossible to cause harm with, for it naturally seeks to mend.
  • Primal magic is rooted in the physical and the five senses. It involves things like cannibalism, blood sacrifice, sexual ritual, and the forces of raw emotion.
  • Divination refers to gaining knowledge of the past, present, or future using supernatural means.
  • Necromancy refers death magic, raising or communicating with the dead.
    Note: A Mordecai is a person with the ability to nullify the casting of magic. It only works on mortal magics and does not affect immortal forces.

    This is all the knowledge you need about magic to begin playing! If you'd like a more thorough explanation, you can read its information page here!

    An ecclectic, colorful nation of magic, scholarship and free-thinkers.
    A warlike people boasting the unmatched power of dragonriders.
    A kingdom of innovation, pride, and industry, Connlaoth seeks to rid the world of magic.
    A lush island nation where honor, legacy, and family reign supreme.
    An island chain populated by egalitarian hunter-gatherers.
    A hardy people who scratch out a living on the frozen tundra, one of the harshest environments on Earth.
    A beautiful city-state where one may find their greatest fortune or lose everything they have.
    Other Civilizations
    Small independent cities and towns.
    A cursed land, still sick with disease.

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