Serenian religion

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Serenians are traditionally polytheistic and follow a specific pantheon of gods and goddesses. They have their own myths concerning the nature of the world and the origins of life. While the throne acknowledges and honors the gods of the Serenian people, there are no religious laws and people may worship or not as they choose, though anyone who engages in acts that might anger the gods would likely be shunned or even cast out of their village so as not to bring the fury of the offended deity upon the rest of the people.

The rural people honor mostly local gods, while city folk tend to follow a more organized pantheon.

The Pantheon


The principle deity of the Serenian creation mythos and religion. Kia is a dual deity, possessing both a masculine and feminine aspect. In spring and autumn, she is said to exist in the feminine and is referred to as 'she'. In summer and winter, he is in the masculine aspect and is referred to as a 'he'. The word kia is Old Serenian for 'first'. While Kia is honored in the pantheon, they are considered more of a neutral force than an active power in people's lives, and so Serenians rarely pray to Kia. Prayers and supplications usually go to the other gods in the pantheon.

Symbols commonly present in depictions of Kia are flowing water and a crown of leaves and flowers (in the feminine) and wings and a spear (in the masculine).


Also called Startreader, the Lord of Stars, and the Night Stallion. He is a horse god who rules the night and, specifically, the light of the stars and the vastness of the space between them. He appears as a black, winged stallion covered in stars. He is devoid of other features. His body is literally seen as the black void of space studded with shining stars. He is a wrathful and vengeful god against all creatures who would prey on mortals in the night. In particular he is invoked against vampires. He is the patron god of darkness, starlight, righteous judgement, and Moonspear.