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Author Topic: Frost Forest [Goblin]  (Read 10639 times)

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Offline Juno

Re: Frost Forest [Goblin]
« Reply #500 on: April 19, 2017, 07:35:42 PM »
Sophie frowned at the idea of neighbors snatching up your land the moment it was vacant. She'd never had that problem among her family but she sincerely hoped her brother hadn't gotten any ideas with her gone on yet another long journey.

Fintan's guess had her snapping back to the present, though, and a short bark of disbelieving laughter had her features crinkling with a smile. "I'm much older than a cub," she reminded him gently, sighing contently as she reached out to play with the beads in his hair. "I already have my own territory. It's been my home for years. When I'm away my brother looks after it for me. I always bring a small gift home for him and go on a few hunts with him and...that's really all the repayment he can handle before he tells me to look after myself more than him. I think he prefers doing things on his own."

In reality it was more that Christopher knew his sister needed his help more than he needed hers and he allowed her to tag along so she felt she was contributing.

Online GoblinFae

Re: Frost Forest [Goblin]
« Reply #501 on: August 05, 2017, 04:38:28 PM »
The tiger snuffed. "Sounds more like it's his territory than yours. He tolerates you around him in the same way I tolerate my own female kin. He chases you off in time when he's had enough of you. You are still so much a cub." Fintan leaned in further to her touch, enjoying her playing with his hair even as he listened to the sounds of his world around him.

"You'll see in time I'm right. You just have to grow up more first is all."

Offline Juno

Re: Frost Forest [Goblin]
« Reply #502 on: August 08, 2017, 09:27:43 AM »
Sophie tensed slightly, a deep frown creasing her features even as she continued playing with Fintan’s hair. The tiger really was so stubborn about his opinions even when they didn't even apply to her.

“I'm fully grown. It’s my brother that's still young,” she pointed out gently, though it was hard to keep the edge of irritation from her voice. “He never chases me off. He couldn't even if he tried. The rest of our family would never tolerate it, but… Well we are just very different when it comes to siblings. You would see how other families live if you ever left this place. Different is not bad, there are many ways to live happily.”

Online GoblinFae

Re: Frost Forest [Goblin]
« Reply #503 on: October 15, 2017, 08:06:57 PM »
"If you feel so," Fintan growled, not believing her for a second. In his mind he was right and she was seriously and grievously mistaken. She really was just like a cub. Perhaps she was even a bit touched in the head and that  was why her brother and family tolerated her so. Instead of putting her out of her misery they allowed her to continue in her sickly state. It really was a sad state of affairs after all.

And now she was his problem. Fintan let out a pained sigh. Why were the females always his to deal with? First his sister and now this one. She was not even the same species as him! "You're such a problematic female," he bemoaned aloud.