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Author Topic: Bad Decisions [Goblin] [M]  (Read 20438 times)

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Re: Bad Decisions [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #620 on: August 09, 2017, 07:07:35 PM »
At first the shifter didn't take him seriously at all, chuckling as though it were completely normal to be joking in that manner. As he continued to speak and the game was played on the looks he was getting from around the table were unsettling. They were serious. More importantly, Artorius was serious.

Swallowing thickly he tried to stay calm even as he fidgeted nervously in his chair, eyeing the gambler with pointed glares and moody sighs. He crossed his arms once he'd finished with his drink and stubbornly glowered at the older man. "I'm not a lady," he muttered in complaint, somehow that fact very important for him to establish. "And I am not a prize."

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Re: Bad Decisions [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #621 on: October 15, 2017, 09:52:37 PM »
Artorius said nothing in response. He did not need to. If looks could kill then Julian would have been seared, filleted, and served right then and there. There was a fire in the gambler's that spoke volumes of the disapproval he was currently feeling towards his little pet. Julian had gotten himself into this mess, now he would pay the repercussions of his actions. He took a swig of his drink before placing it down very deliberately and quietly. A single card was stripped from his hand and tossed callously on the table and all the while Artorius did not drop his gaze from his pet. He would not be the first to submit. Julian would learn his place if it killed them both.

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Re: Bad Decisions [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #622 on: November 07, 2017, 05:00:19 AM »
Julian met his eyes for as long as was comfortable but eventually he grew too unsettled in the silence, dropping his eyes to the cards on the table in silent submission with a nervous lick of his lips. This wasn't right, this wasn't how the night was supposed to go at all.

He fidgeted nervously in his chair, peeking up occasionally only to be met by more hungry leers from the others around the table. It didn't feel right to receive that kind of attention. The shifter's heart felt heavy in his chest at the thought that Artorius seemed to seriously be betting him. His interest and loyalty didn't make him property.

Unsure how he was going to get himself out of it delicately the shifter kept his head down and scooted his chair closer to the gambler with a soft sigh. "I'm sorry," he whispered, hoping he was quiet enough that the others wouldn't hear. "I shouldn't have done that. I'll pay you back." It would take him a while to earn the coin, but he was determined to try now that he'd seen how furious he'd been for him taking liberties with his money.

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Re: Bad Decisions [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #623 on: November 08, 2017, 09:35:52 PM »
The apology was but an infinitesimal bandage on a massively gaping wound. Artorius refused to acknowledge it as he continued to play the game in highly agitated silence. His own frustrations kept him from truly focusing, so the first round was easily stolen from him. He lost pathetically, much to the amusement of the other players who had never seen such a moment of bad luck for the renowned gambler.

The second round was much the same. The gambler's ire was driving him to distraction as each new card was thrown down with more and more frustration and disgust. Everyone was silent at the table, wanting nothing to do with further igniting the man's foul mood. He lost the next round just as he had lost the first, casting Julian furious glares between each draw of the cards.

If his stupid pet had just behaved like a good little mouse and stayed in their rooms while he earned them the money then none of this would have happened. Instead he had to get himself roped into the gambling table and force Artorius to bail him out. Conveniently, the gambler allowed himself to forget that it was he who had suggested the best out of five rounds wins. What he could not forget though as that he was completely blowing it.

Determined to not fuck things up, the man mentally buckled down and focused on the game, just as he always had before. Nothing escaped him now. The nervous tick of a potential loser and the self-assured smirk of a potential winner were as obvious to him now as a ray of sun on a cloudy day. Rounds three and four were his for the taking though his scowl never once lessened from his face, nor did his displeased flashes of fire and ice towards Julian.

Everything rode now on the last game, round five. Artorius having won the first two and lost the second two to another was now neck and neck for the winning of his pet. The other men had dropped out leaving just the two and they were creating quite the ruckus as they hooted and hollered with each play of the cards.

Finally, it was the moment of truth. Greshig placed his cards on the table, revealing broken and yellowed teeth in his sneering delight. His hand was a high roller and nearly impossible to beat unless the highly improbable royal hand was played. He leered openly at Julian, completely confident that the slim man would be his for the night.

The look on Artorius's face only seemed to confirm the outcome as well. His jaw was clenched and his eyes defeated as he slammed his cards face down onto the table. The men around them both congratulated Greshig, slapping him on the back and cheering to see the dark haired man brought so low, so fast. Artorius shook his head silently as if in disbelief before allowing his eyes to meet Julian's. He pursed his lips and shook his head in a shorter side to side motion before sighing and letting his head fall, his hands resting over the discarded cards.

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Re: Bad Decisions [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #624 on: November 10, 2017, 05:50:26 AM »
Julian stared at his companion, waiting with bated breath for some sort of response that never came. He only heard the jeers of the others as the first round was played and won by another, his eyes still focused on Artorius and pleading with him for relief from the tension and fear running through him. He couldn't have him upset, he might leave and- He couldn't leave him again.

He could tell by the smirk upon one man's face across the table and Artorius's glares that another round had been lost. The shifter winced, trying to scoot his chair closer as he looked up at the fixed scowl upon the gambler's face with apprehension and eyes that begged for forgiveness.

When the game did not immediately end after the third or fourth round he held some hope that he might win and there would be no additional fuss about enforcing himself as some prize in their game. But at the end of the last round when the stranger across the table, Greshig, revealed his cards and Artorius couldn't even show his on the table Julian's heart sank.

The murmurs of congratulations were deafened, Julian's attention still on Artorius as he reached out to try to comfort him for his loss, reaching out with one hand to stroke against his arm. He wasn't sure what he was shaking his head at him for but his throat tightened in fearful anticipation as Greshig rose from his seat, snaking his way around the table to claim his prize.

The rough jolt of a bony hand clasping around his arm and tugging him up to his feet brought the rest of the people around him back into focus. Julian showed his teeth in a grimace, though the snarl that had been meant to go with it never came out.

"Come along," Greshig sneered, still looking very pleased with himself.

Julian wanted to hiss, wanted to shift and claw at this stranger who thought it his right to handle him in such a way. He spat in the man's face and tugged against his hold on him instead, determined to restrain himself and not entirely push Artorius away if he saw such a display out in the open. Perhaps he could beg forgiveness later.

"Fiery, aren't ya?" Greshig laughed, wiping the spit from his cheek and dragging Julian forward with him as if there was no resistance from the smaller man at all. He tugged him along down a hall, ignoring that Julian kept trying to dig his heels in or grab at door frames to stop them.

Slamming through the door to his room and not bothering to close it he tossed the shifter to the bed, quickly caging him in even as Julian firmly shoved his hands up against the man's chest in weak attempts at keeping him away. Greshig swarmed him, though, careful of flying elbows and sharp nails as he swooped low to steal a kiss from the shifter's lips. It earned him a swift bite, though, and he hesitated enough for Julian to push him back and partially crawl out from under him as he raised a hand to the small trickle of blood running down his chin.

"Bitch," he hissed, though his eyes widened and he quickly devolved into a coughing fit as Julian delivered a swift kick to his stomach. With one hand still firmly clasped around the smaller man's arm he kept the shifter from fleeing entirely, dragging him back down and pinning his legs with the rest of his body.

"I won and you're mine fair and square. You're gonna pay for playing hard to get with me," Greshig growled, his hand snaking up to Julian's throat and applying pressure so that he might think twice about struggling again.

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Re: Bad Decisions [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #625 on: November 17, 2017, 12:15:26 AM »
"Like hell he is," boomed Artorius's furious rasp. Greshig had less than half a second to understand what was happening before he was bowled off Julian and tossed violently to the floor by a surprisingly strong renowned gambler. There was fire and ice in Artorius's gaze and had he been a mage the building would have shook with the strength of his fury. Instead he was simply an AWOL soldier, pissed off at having his prize manhandled so inappropriately by anyone other than himself.

Over and over the gambler slammed his fist into the pig's jaw. Not even the audible crunch and scream was enough to stop him. He slugged into Greshig twice more before the other observers finally caught up to him and dragged him off the whimpering man. Artorius shrugged himself out of their grip before adjusting his tunic and smoothing it accordingly.

"Perhaps that will teach you to steal from me again you fucking pig!" From his breast pocket he pulled the cards that had been his hand that he had left on the table and threw them into the man's face. Royal takes all," he hissed coldly in disgust.

His gaze turned then from the men scrambling to collect their friend and exit before any more damage occurred, to his precious little pet. With a single finger he beckoned, demanded, Julian to his side and pointed forcefully to the spot directly at his side. He would not take any flack from his pet right now. Later they could tussle and argue to their heart's content bur now, Artorius needed Julian right next to him right then.

Originally, the gambler had intended to make it a game and play up the potential of losing to scare the living hell out of his pet, to teach him a lessen. He had even allowed Greshig to drag his pet off for a bit more of a spook. But, when Artorius had seen the other man so violently leaning over that which was his, he saw red and was suddenly in such a rage as he had not been in many a year. Once started he could not stop until the blood ran in rivers.

Now his own blood was cold, frozen by the buried emotions that had tried to break the surface. "Come, mouse," he growled, his voice sounding hoarse and raw as if he had bee n the one screaming bloody murder instead of Greshig.

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Re: Bad Decisions [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #626 on: November 17, 2017, 06:15:48 PM »
Julian had stilled under the man's grip on his throat, panic filling his eyes as he'd felt himself being choked. He felt his cat roaring to just under the surface for his human body to be threatened so, eyes flashing dangerously as he unnaturally bared his teeth at the man above him. Only a few moments later, though, he was torn off of him. The shifter watched in stunned silence as the gambler laid into Greshig, only sitting up to try to get his breath back through a fit of coughs as he rubbed at his stinging throat.

He felt no sympathy for the man after having been dragged off by him and assaulted so, but he winced at the sound of crunching bone. Momentarily he worried that Artorius was going to hurt himself unnecessarily, but he also felt Greshig deserved it.

The fear gripping his chest abated once Artorius showed his cards and laid his claim to him, the whole situation making much more sense. He'd actually won and Greshig had made the nearly-fatal mistake in celebrating prematurely. That was about as far as his mind wandered in the moment, though, glowing eyes snapping up to meet Artorius's once he realized he was being stared at.

Though irritation bubbled in his chest for his abrupt demand he didn't really have the energy to be angry with him in the moment. He had just saved him after all, though it seemed for more possessive reasons than moral. Julian shuddered at the rough sound of his voice, his cat finally receding and the inhuman glint finally dying from his eyes as he nodded obediently and climbed down from the bed to join him at his side. Rubbing at his throat again he winced at the sting that shot through when he cleared it, but he was determined to speak.

"Thank you," he rasped quietly with a wince, straightening out his clothes briefly before shuffling closer. They weren't quite touching, but it was as close as he could get without it and he didn't want to push Artorius any more than he already had been. Keeping his eyes down he walked back out to the main hall with the gambler, the silence of the other tables speaking volumes to what they'd heard. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed the stares they were getting but still kept his head down even as anger weighed heavily in his chest. What were they staring at? He was innocent and Artorius was...mostly innocent.

The shifter fidgeted anxiously under their scrutinous attention, feeling a pang of shame. He should have shifted, should have gutted Greshig with his claws for manhandling him so instead of letting Artorius "handle" it in his own way. But what would he have thought of that if he'd seen? Julian shuddered to think of the worst, but the question remained in his mind as he eyed the dark-haired man. He wouldn't be able to hide who he was forever.

Once they were safely back in Artorius's rooms Julian made a beeline for the pitcher of water resting on the small table. Settling himself down in one of the chairs he gulped down nearly half of it before putting it aside and turning his eyes on the gambler once more.

"Thank you for that but that was really unnecessary. You could have gotten us killed," the shifter pointed out, focusing more on being outnumbered and choosing to ignore how the rest of the table had shown respect for Artorius's win and left him alone. Julian coughed, his throat aching for the effort of speaking even though he continued on stubbornly.

"I was going to handle it myself if you'd just given me a few seconds. Wasn't going to just let him get away with that," he muttered.

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Re: Bad Decisions [Goblin] [M]
« Reply #627 on: March 22, 2018, 02:36:20 PM »
The moment the smaller man was at his side, Artorius slid his hand up to wrap delicately about the back of Julian's neck. His grip was firm without being crushing with just enough pressure to both stake his claim over his pet but to also guide him into moving back to their rooms. No one could deny now that which was the gambler's. He would suffer no man to cross him after the display of violence against Greshig. It was obvious to all that parted in his wake that there was more to bawdy gambler than drunkenness and a bit of luck with cards, there was a scrappy fighter buried in there somewhere and that warrior had come to play.

Only once they were in their rooms and the door firmly bolted behind them did Artorius finally acknowledge Julian. He pulled the other man close with his hand still around his nape as he used his thumb to push Julian's jaw to the side so that he could view his throat. His touches were gentle even if his face was still smoldering with underlying anger. It seemed no lasting harm had been done as far as he could see though. A blessing or Greshig would have paid with his life.

"Oh yes, mouse. You were handling it so well," he growled back lowly. "Tell me when were you planning on actually trying to stop him? Once he had stripped you of your clothes? Or perhaps once he had fully buggered himself up your ass? You are weak. But, you are mine and it is my right to protect my property. The only one at risk dying tonight was him. He can thank me later for the fact he still can breathe for touching you so.

"I believe you too owe me a thank you for saving your pretty little hide, pet. I did save you twice tonight after all. It's the least you could do for my generosity."